Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hearts at Home

I was given the priveledge by our MOMs group to go to Hearts at Home this year.  It's an annual conference that is held at ISU to encourage, educate, and equip every mom in every season of motherhood using Christian values to strengthen families.  The founder is one of our very own Bloomington/Normal residents, Jill Savage.  The conference is held all over the world.  You can read more about it at  There were around 5000 who came this year and I think there were around 500 who weren't even if you aren't a parent, it might be interesting to you.  There are different workshops you can go to on marriage, devotion/prayer, parenting, etc.  I actually won my ticket at our MOMS group!  I was so excited because I was never able to attend before due to financial reasons, young babes at home, and other obligations.  Let me tell you...this ticket was meant for me!  I love once again how God orchestrates every detail of my life. 

Little did I know that the ticket I received was that of VIP status.  I arrived in a rush and went to check in when they told me I wasn't anywhere on their lists.  When I told them what the card looked like that I turned in, they promptly led me to another area of ISU where a lady told me she had been trying to contact me for a couple of weeks and asking everyone she saw if they knew who "Lindsay Bauer" was. She seemed overly excited to have finally found me - which made me feel really special! They had a name tag and a packet of info for me and then I was led straight to the 3rd row of Braden Auditorium!  I was able to pick from any of the break out workshops that I wanted and was invited to attend a special lunch with Jill Savage herself!  There were 3 other women that were invited and let me tell you, one was looking for a doula, one just had a baby and used a doula, and one is getting ready to have a baby!!  Our whole lunch was spent talking about births and doulas and they even asked if I would want to speak or have a table/workshop at next year's Hearts at Home!  Now tell me that God didn't plan that!?

I took good notes on my break out sessions and thought you could all benefit from the summaries so I was hoping to get some info out on the blog this week.  Since this is my 4th post today, I think I'll wait on it.  The workshops I attended were "Ten Stress Strategies Every Mom Needs" (Jill Savage); "Strong Willed Children: A focus on solutions" (Dr Kathy Koch); and "More than a Spanking" (what is discipline and punshiment; different tools - Dr. Julianna Slattery).  More to come on those!!

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