Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eyes open!

Finally got a couple pics while he was awake!

Ready for Halloween!

Reecey got this spider hat last year for Halloween. She wore it last year although too big but this year it fits perfect. She wears it every day and hardly ever takes it off...she is quite the character. It goes so well with her "boo" jammies. I was wondering if they made them in small adult sizes...look how slender they make her look!

I don't have any updates on Brody and all he does is eat, sleep, the only pictures I really get are of him sleeping. His eyes have been open more and more each day so I am hoping to post one of those soon. I figured you wouldn't want to see a picture of him eating or pooping, so I opted for the sleeping one.

Out with the old, In with the new

Yesterday, my mother in law came over and painted Brody's room. For the past 3 weeks B has been sleeping in Reece's old brown and pink room. I tried to find a picture of the old room but it's on a disc somewhere and I can't find it. Hopefully you remember all the pink polka dots and strips. are pictures of the new room...the walls are bare yet but we plan to find some monkey prints, and some white accents of some sorts. I have some touch up to do like on the still pink polka dot door. One day I will get around to it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brody's 2 week appointment

Brody had his 2 week appointment today. It was my first day out with the babies by myself and man was it hard to get everyone out the door without forgetting anything! It was good to get out though and drive again.

Babies are suppose to be back to their birth weight by 2 weeks old. Brody was 7'9 and 19 inches when he was born and today he weighs 7'13 (25%) and is now 20 inches long (25%)! So he is growing! Doc gave him a clean bill of health and said he looked excellent. We will go back for his 2 month check up where he will have to get shots :(

Monday, October 20, 2008

A few photos...

This is B man's favorite spot to crash...mommy has already taught him to say his prayers before bed.

This is how Reecey watches TV these days...such a big girl

Reece hanging with "Bro-Bro". So far she absolutely loves him. She calls him Bubba or Bro-bro and is constantly wanting to lay by him and/or kiss him. She has not been jealous at all. Most of the time she forgets he is around because she is too busy getting into things, playing, etc...and he sleeps most of the time. She does get pretty upset when he cries during diaper changes (really the only time he cries). When he cries, she starts crying too. When we took him to the doctor for his one week appt last week and we got him all undressed, he cried. She really freaked out and thought they were hurting him like when she has to go and get shots. She is pretty protective of him! It's so cute.

Reecey loves it when I let her hold Brody!

My three boys...all sacked out on Friday evening.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Watching the football game on Sunday! Go Bears!

We got Brock's baby book out...I can't believe how much they look alike. And look at that sono back on 20 weeks...It's amazing how much he can still look like that sono picture which was 5 months ago!

Brody's first bath. He didn't seem to mind it too much!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are home!!

It is so good to be home!!! Brody has adjusted just fine and Reece is doing okay with the change too. She loves him but is not too sure about me. But she will adjust I am sure. He is such a perfect baby so far...I hope that doesn't change! He eats, poops/pees, and sleeps just like they say he should! He only kind of wimpers when he is hunger but doesn't like the diaper changes too much. Reece never slept so sometimes I feel like he sleeps too much! But it is super nice. He didn't have a lick of jaundice and passed all his tests. I am doing well too. I have been suffering quite a bit from what they call a spinal headache (and a stolen heart - apparently boys do this to their mommies:). If I didn't have that I would almost feel like a million bucks. Today the headache hasn't returned so let's pray it stays away. If not, I have to go back and see the anesthesiologist for a bleed patch which doesn't sound like too much fun. Here are some of the zillion pictures I have taken already! Also I updated the baby pool...I know some of you used code names so if you are Wilma, I think you won.


Harley is super excited for a boy!

I love these feet!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brody Alan Bauer

Brody Alan Bauer arrived today! He is so cute and has a ton of dark hair. Mom, Dad, Reece and Baby Brody are all doing well!
7lbs 9oz.
19 inches
12:25 pm

Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Belly Comparison - EVER

Tomorrow is the big day (or today as some of you may not read this tonight). I thought I would take one last belly comparison picture. The top one is of my belly with Reece at 40 weeks. The bottom one is my belly with this baby at 38 and 1/2 weeks. Check later (Tuesday) for a picture of my new baby!!! I am hoping to have someone post one for me.

She totally gets this from her father...

Getting ready for big sisterhood...

Reece and I were in my friend's wedding this weekend...unlike rehearsal, she did not make it down the aisle with the other flower girl. Her very pregnant mommy had to take her down...

Tired after the wedding...

The 2 flower girls...hopefully the photographer got some good shots of her/them because I sure didn't.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reece 18 month appointment/Mommy 38 week appointment

Reece had her 18 month appointment today. She is of course growing and very smart :) She got the flu shot this time and won't have any other shots until april (when she is 2, can you believe that)?? She very much knew what they were going to do this time when the lady used the cotton ball to wipe the spot on her leg. But it was quick and just a few tears. I told her I would probably cry at my doctor appointment too so we could call it even.

Reece's stats

Height - 32 and 1/4 inches (70%)

Weight - 24 lbs 5 ounces (50%)

Head circumference - 18 3/4 (80%)

At my doctor appointment...looks like I lost a pound which is always a blessing (especially after all the ice cream I have been eating lately) and is also a supposed sign of labor. I lost like 3 lbs at the end with Reece and never went into labor. I am measuring at 36 weeks. Looks like I am still at about 1 cm dilated but I am pretty much fully effaced (100%). Usually after effacement, you dilate much faster because the cervix is paper thin (as opposed to 4cm in length before effacement). She also said the head is super low and engaged at zero station. Zero station means that the baby's head has dropped or engaged well into the pelvis. So how's that for learning something today?? She said that it's a shame that I can't deliver vaginally because I am the perfect candidate based on how my baby is positioned and I am pretty much ready to go as soon as I dilate (figures). She said if anything changes (gross details I won't've had enough education for the day, right?) over the weekend, I will need to come into the hospital and be checked. If I have dilated, they will need to deliver! I am sure everything will go as planned for Tuesday though. You'll be hearing something soon either way!!! Baby is moving around well and heartbeat was 145.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Future Gold Digger

This had me in stitches...daddy left his wallet on the counter, just close enough for Reecey to steal. I came out to the living room to find her going through his wallet taking out the credit cards. Even more hilarious is that she is wearing that shirt! That's my girl!!