Saturday, January 31, 2015

Zucchini Black Bean & Rice Skillet

Zucchini black bean & rice skillet (I double this recipe and freeze individual sandwich bags)

I make this recipe at least once a month and freeze them in sandwich bags for easy lunches.  I eat it at least once a week.  There are so many different ways you can make it!  It's yummy and has all the major food groups you need for your body! Instead of cheese I use avocado sometimes for creaminess and for sour cream I use greek yogurt.


Measurement   Ingredient
zucchini, sliced
red bell pepper, diced
black beans, drained
Rotel diced tomatoes with green chiles
Long grain brown rice (cook separately)
shredded mexican blend cheese

1   lb                            ground beef (cook and drain separately)

You could use any meat you like or no meat

Heat oil in skillet over medium heat, then add zucchini and red bell pepper.  Cook vegetables for 5 minutes, rotel, and water.  Cover, remove from heat, and let stand for 7 minutes.  Allow to cool and measure out into zip lock bags – put ½ cup of meat, ¼ cup of rice, ¼ cup of beans, 1 cup of veggie mixture. Put 2 T of cheese in each bag.  These are all approximate measurements!  You get your protein, your healthy carb, healthy fat, dairy, and full serving of veggie in every meal!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Shakeology Spotlight - Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi

Shakeology Spotlight 

Have you ever wondered what is in Shakeology? Well today we are going to take a deeper look at ONE of the 70 super foods in Shakeology. 

*Sacha Inchi*

This is a nut found in the Amazon Rainforest on the eastern slope of the lower Andes and it has been cultivated there for around 3,000 years!!

This nut is high in omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 and 9 acids and protein. One of the special things about this nut is that is easily digested so your body can utilize all of the nutrients easier without causing gas or irritation. The Sacha Inchi has far more omega 3 fatty acids than olive, soy, sunflower OR flax seeds!! That is pretty amazing!!

Health Benefits:
✔️Improves your cardiovascular health
✔️ Helps to lower cholesterol levels
✔️Boosts brain function
✔️ Eases joint Stiffness
✔️ Helps maintain healthy glucose levels
✔️Supports skin and hair
✔️Relieves inflammation throughout body
✔️Supports eye and optimal vision

The health benefits of the Sacha Inchi nut is amazing! It has definitely proved to be an asset to the Shakeology super foods line up!

Blog Revamp!

Hey Everyone!  Im back blogging!  Can you believe it??  It's been a year since my last post!  I think I said this last year, but not going to let that happen again. I love to write and have been missing it!  Well, not totally because I have been writing but mostly on social media forums such as instagram (find me at linze2979) and Facebook.  Find my page at

So what has changed on the blog?  Well, all my old stuff is still on here. I will continue posting of my kids and of my life.  I've always been very transparent and continue to be so.  Those posts you will find on the "living out loud - Faith & Family" tab at the top.  All the other tabs are pretty self explanatory and all revolve around this coaching "thing" Ive been doing for the past 2.5 years!  I have updated the About Me tab so you can see what that is all about. 

On the blog I will be posting a lot of motivational things, along with recipes, challenge group stuff, anything coach related that I am up to.  I will do my best to update daily the things that I post to social media so that way we can always find it here when we want something specific.  What I have been finding with facebook and Instagram is that after you post it, it's kind of gone...or lost.  You really have to dig to find it. But on a blog...with categories and labels, EASY to find the good stuff. 

So if you are curious...take a look around.  Not all the tabs have content yet.  This has been a work in progress and I will be updating each of the tabs over the next few weeks! It took me 8 hours to even come this far on it today! 

Also if you could do me a really BIG favor (we'll call it a bday gift to me - it was yesterday), please go out to facebook and "like" my like page. 

Thanks!  And I'll be posting some good stuff soon!!!