Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last October, we got these family photos done. We haven't had one since (professionally) and it's not looking like we will have another one done before this October when Baby Bauer makes his/her debut. It's kind of sad to close this chapter of our lives (family of 3) but exciting to open a new one. The next family photo will include another little Bauer. We can't wait!

A couple of fun "incidents"

We'll call this first one the "shaving cream incident". My neighbor Bernie thought it would be fun to bring over her husband's shaving cream and play with it outside. She says she does this with her kids at school and they love it. As you can tell from the pictures, Reece was far from lovin' it. Of course she came running to me crying with her arms up...and I didn't want to hold her...she had shaving cream everywhere!

We'll call this one the "mowing with daddy incident". Reece is facinated with watching daddy mow and even "mowing" the lawn with her own mower (and all the neighbors lawns as well). We let her go for a ride with daddy last night. When she was done, she followed a safe distance behind with her own mower.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Bo!!!

Hope you have a great 1st birthday today! I can't believe just a year ago you were born!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bo's Birthday Party

We had so much fun at Bo's birthday party today!

From Left to Right: Elizabeth, Kennedy, Reece, Bo, Eli, Olivia, Parker

Reece and Kennedy on a John Deere wagon ride with Grandpa.
Bo's John Deere mower from Reece...don't miss "Ms. Wrangler" tush there in the back.

These are just a few of the favorite pics...there were so many good ones...check back in a few days for Bo's b-day post and new/additional pics from the party (blogger only allows 5 or 6 per post :( )

Friday, July 25, 2008

28 week belly comparison

I had my 28 week appointment on Wednesday. Not much to report...the scale was broken so I didn't have to be weighed...that is always a plus although I am curious. Heartbeat was 150 (after coffee and one of those nasty sugar glucose drinks). I am measuring right at 28 weeks and everything is looking good. I have been having contractions again. Doc said if I have 4 in an hour that they want to know about it and want to see me. Especially if they are 30 seconds or more in length. I had probably a dozen on Sunday and maybe a 1/2 dozen on Monday but really just a few here and there the last couple of days. So things seem to be fine. I go back on 8/12. Things feel pretty much the same for me at this point as far as pregnancies go, so my guess is that Reece will have a sister!

Here is the belly shot for this month...top one is this pregnancy at 28 weeks and bottom one is 27 weeks with Reece. I do think the pictures look pretty different but I just think it is common in a second pregnancy to be lower and gain less weight. The front seems to look the same but I don't have that mysterious line down my tummy...I thought that was weird as I had it last pregnancy by now. I think we have about 75 days to go if you go by the scheduled c-section date of 10/9. It is hard to believe that next week is August!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My new playroom

This couch was in the guest bedroom...this is now the guest bedroom :) Don't worry guests, it's one of those comfy fold outs...

My new kitchen! (yes, another garage sale find)

Complete with a set of the most dangerous stairs I have ever seen...don't worry we will block them off when your kids come to play!

A stop to smell the roses...well, flowers anyways

My new car (okay, so $4 at a garage sale, we aren't prideful)

Or eat...

A few summer shots...

A trip to Aunt Jo Jo's pool...

The ride home....
Trip to Daddy's work site

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wow, where has the time gone?

Wow...I can't believe I have about 90 days until baby 2 arrives. The beginning of October sounds so far away but when you say 90 days or 12 weeks, it seems short. I already feel like I did at the end with Reece. This baby is so low that I am already so uncomfortable. I have a high pain tolerance but apparently not a very high uncomfortable tolerance. From what I hear it is pretty common in a second pregnancy that the baby be lower than the first because of changes in your body. So I don't really think that it signifies that baby 2 is a boy but who knows. I have an appointment on 7/23 - 28 week appointment - which they will do some blood work for my glucose count and other things. Then I will go every 2 weeks until the beginning of September, at which time I will head into the doctor office every week. I will try and post another belly shot after the 28 week appointment. Boy, is it changing! On a side note, we are no where close to picking out a name for this baby. We have a good list for both genders but we just can't land on anything. But, we are open to suggestions!

Reece's new room is pretty much done and the playroom as well. I have a few finishing touches I'd like to add and then I will post some pictures of both. Reece loves her new room although she doesn't really understand that we will make her sleep there next month. But she loves playing in there and all her stuff has been moved in (minus the crib which will be used for the new baby - we hope). Update on her...she had her 15 months check this week. She is 23lbs which is 50% and 31 and 1/2 inches tall which is 76%. She's doing very well developmentally. She says lots of words like mama, dada, Harley, puppy, hot, Reece, ouch, uh-oh, cheese, shoe, eye, hi, and some other noises animals make. She is also signing a ton which is so helpful for me. She knows most of her body parts by pointing to them and even knows where her baby bro/sis is!

Our friends are having their babies left and right so we are getting pretty excited about seeing our own. Here is an update on them (sorry if I missed someone...there are so many!):

June Babies
Ben and Marissa - baby girl - Avery. Little sister to Aedan.

June 7 - Susie born to Fred and Julie. Little sister to Freddie.

July 1 - Calem Ty born to Clint and Tara. Little brother to Dalton.

July 1 - Sophie Rayne born to Dirk and Susan.

July 10 - Baylee Ann born to Troy and Amy. Little sister to Rylee.

July 18 - a baby girl (name unknown) should be born to Pete and Tina. Little sister to Jack.

Tim and Elisabeth - girl, sibling to Micah, Ezekiel, and Elisha

Brian and Mandy - gender not known, sibling to Peyton and Preston


Keith and Lindsey - boy, brother to Hunter

Justin and Chris - girl, sister to Parker

Blake and Brooke - boy

Adam and Shannon - gender not known, brother to Abram


Tony and Laura - boy

Jason and Jessica - girl

Brock and Lindsay - g.....gotcha again...gender not known


Brandon and Amy - gender not known at this time, sibling to Coleman and Monroe


Trent and Katie - gender not known at this time

Andrew and Kim - gender not known at this time (find out June 29), sibling to Eliana

Kyle and Amber - gender not known at this time

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Bo decided to produce a few early fireworks for us but overall, these guys were happy little sparklers most of the day!

Little Bucket Head

One of Reece's new things is to put this old Cool Whip bowl on her head and run around and play and just do whatever in it. I don't know why she likes it so much...she won't wear all the cute actual hats she has!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

SF Park Adventure

Can anyone tell how excited I am to be home with Reece?! Everyday is a new adventure. I figure we might as well see all there is to see this summer because once the cold weather comes, we will be stuck inside and we will have a new baby to take care of.

Today we met up with our friends Tina and Jack at State Farm Park. This was probably the most fun park so far. So much to do!

Jack and Reece sitting in a tree...s-h-a-r-i-n-g...lunch! Jack will be a big brother in about 2 weeks when his new little sitter is born.