Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little Mer-People

Next year's suit came in the mail...I think mommy was a little more excited about this then the little lady wearing it. If you know her, you know she loves tulle, maybe even more than mac and cheese.

This is about as close as B will get to the water. At least when he does start to enjoy it, he will know how to swim in it...look at those moves...

Reece's fun with sunglasses

Over just 2 years of this little girl's life, she has accumulated at least 6 pairs of sunglasses. The last two summers she really has had no interest in them. But this summer, they are cooler than layering socks from like...the 80's. Just like the socks, it's not about the coolest pair, it's about how many you can wear all at once.

This seriously happened at the dinner table. I looked up and BAM...glasses came out of no's like she was storing them in her pocket...I have no idea where they came from. Again, like the layered socks, they look cooler with something "on" them...these pink ones sport mashed cool is that?! And yes, my child has no manners and sings at the dinner table with food in her mouth. It's hard to have a conversation with your husband when you hear "itsy bitsy spider" in this fashion.

Brody's fun with sunglass (a bit different than his sisters)

Whoa...that doesn't go there...

All better...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Park #8 - McGraw Park

We have been to McGraw splash park several times this year. I finally was able to get the pictures and review written down this time. McGraw park is located behind Central Catholic High School off Airport road. The actual park is quite a hike from the parking lot. So be prepared to walk and if you have little ones, I would definitley bring a stroller. It has a small pavillion with a few picnic tables and then some benches to sit on. There is plenty of grassy area around the park to picnic also. There really isn't any shade though. There is a ball diamond, sprayground and playground. The only bathroom at this point is a port-a-potty but they appear to be building something over by the parking lot...which again is a pretty far walk from the play area. It's clean and safe and has quite a bit to do for the kids. It has a bigger play area, a smaller play area, swings and a rock climbing wall. The spray area has quite a bit of squishy ground for crawlers to play and stay out of the water if they choose. We give this park 4 stars.

Brody liked that he could stay out of the water...

Smaller play area

Rock wall and larger play area in the back.

Spray ground

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Playgroup - Ropp Cheese Farm

Yesterday we went to Ropp Cheese Farm for a tour. It's just a few miles from where we live! We got to see how cheese was made and of course have some samples. Reecey got to feed the baby cows with bottles, feed the big cows, llamas, and goats, and go on a hayrack ride. She also got to milk a cow and see the big turkey. There was also a brand new baby cow that was born just hours before we arrived! The tour was only $3.00 (I think for me and the kids were free?) and Reece got to take home a coloring book. They also have a cheese store in which there is every different flavor of cheese you can imagine. So we bought some cheese curds to take home. They even have home made ice cream! The kids had such a great time!

Feeding the big cows

Feeding the baby cows

Milking the cow...

QT John who was born right before we got there!

Feeding the llama

Friday, July 17, 2009

Field Trip!

We didn't make it to a park this week, but we did go to visit daddy on one of his job sites since he was close by. If I had to rate it on a park scale it would be zero stars since it is was not safe, not clean, and had no bathroom (unless you count the nearby corn field). I wouldn't suggest taking your kids there unless you want to be arrested for tresspassing! But on a "fun-for-my-own-kids" scale it would get 5 stars. They got to see their daddy at work - how exciting! And Reece even got to help.

The doorway to the bin daddy was building...

Reecey on the inside of the bin...which really scared her at first. It's really huge in there and there is a loud echo.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some things we do together...

Whoa...that's a long way down...

Reading books and giggling...

Look out the window...(pretty sure I have this exact photo with Reece about this same age and Harley)

Play peek a boo in the new toy box...

Things we learn on our own...

Finger foods, finger foods...Think I'm gonna pop em in...smear em on my cheeks and it with a happy grin.

Good ol finger foods...a new thing for Brody

And we got a pool...and this isn't it...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brody is 9 months (and other incriminating stuff)...

I won't mention names but lately I have been harrassed by my lack of non-updating skills on the blog. Most of the pictures I have taken lately haven't been blog worthy and we haven't been to any parks due to all the rain. We had planned to go to one today but again - rain. So we are going to try again Friday. Sorry if the pictures and info during this posting dissappoint...I tried explaining this to a few of my stalkers but they insisted I post anyways. Some people have nothing better to do during their "work" day than read our boring blog.
So Brody is 9 months now. We had his 9 month appt today. He is 28 inches which is 50% and 20 lbs, 4 ounces which is also 50%. He still has a big noggin to grow into which they are telling me should start to happen at this point. Everyone's grows at different speeds...his took off but should be at max growth by now. He just got his two top teeth to compliment the bottom ones and his other two top side ones are on their way as well. He is also getting around the house pretty well working the army crawl move. We haven't had too many accidents yet but he did find the dog bowl...darn! I have to constantly watch what Reece leaves around the house and remind her to pick up items that might harm her newly mobile brother. are the fun pictures I was telling you about:

Brody crawled all the way to me and I kept backing up...finally I got this face before he started to cry..."I came all this way and you aren't even going to pick me up??!!" (oh, yeah he talks now too...)

Reece loved the fireworks this year. She kept saying "More pop-pop...more boom"
Here she is throwing the "not so dangerous" pop-its.

Her brother was not quite as fond as them as her...

Here's the picture that might wind me in prison so I hope all you naggers are happy. I wasn't even sure if this picture was legal to post...a two year old holding something on fire next to a gas grill....hmmm...It was daddy's idea...I know, right? I am sure we won't be winning any parent of the year awards regardless. (Not pictured: Mommy and baby...I am not even sure who took this picture)

Brody is finally able to sit up well in the wagon for a fun ride up the street. He loves being able to look around. Looks like the tables have turned as "sis" is not as fond of sharing this experience even though I do let her pick her seat.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Helmet Free!!!

As of last Thursday, we are officially helmet free! Brody had been wearing it mostly at night for the past week or so and then we had a head scan last Thursday. The scan revealed - he is healed! Praise the Lord! As you can see on this scan, he started with 8.9 asymmetry and has ended with .9 (0 is perfect)!!! I believe anything under 4.0 is normal. I am very pleased with the results as was the doctor. The scan below was the initial scan (left) and most recent scan - last Thursday (right).