Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bath time

Bath time has been hectic with giving Brody's bath first in the baby bath on the kitchen counter and then Reecey second in the tub. Aunt Jilly let us borrow this baby bath seat to put in the tub and so we tried it out last night for the first time. Reece liked helping.

Reece loves the shower doors (which I totally hate) and she loves to open and close them and play "peek"

Very excited to have opened the door herself...

Then she screams when she sees you on the other side and laughs...this is a big belly laugh...

Monday, November 24, 2008

A few photos...

This is Reece stuck in the exersaucer (notice both legs in one hole)...she is obviously way too big for this but I put it out in the play room before Brody was even born so that she would get use to it being there. She has all of a sudden decided that she wanted to play in it for old times sake. But I am getting really tired of hearing her call for me when she gets in and can't get out! Does anyone know how hard it is to nurse a baby, go down a flight of stairs and get your (other) screaming kid out of an exersaucer???...fun times!

Brody smile finally captured on film...

Another version...
Hot dog number 1...

Hot dog number 2 - and cutest puppy ever

Just to let you know in case you were wondering...we won't be changing the name of the blog...the Bauer's 3 represents Harley, Reece, and Brody...Brock and I don't count anymore!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Couple of firsts, couple of pictures

Brody is smiling now!! Yesterday I was talking to him and he just lit up. He did it several times throughout the day and was cooing too. He even did it for daddy which I don't really think is fair :) I haven't captured it on camera yet but as soon as I do I will post it.

I noticed in the tub last night that Reece was producing "bubbles". I kept asking her if she had to go poo-poo and she kept saying no. I left the bathroom for a sec to tell Brock something and all of a sudden I heard her saying "poop-poo...no, no....poop-poo" and she was screaming and crying. I ran in and she had gone in the tub. I took her out and put her on the potty and she was screaming and wanted off. So...not a really exciting 1st but still.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Potty on the Potty

Today after lunch I got Reece down from her high chair. She squatted like before she goes... well...number 2...so I asked her if she had to go potty. She shook her head no. I said "let's go poo poo on the potty" all excited-like and I ran to the bathroom. She chased me in there and so I pulled off her pants and diaper and sat her on the potty. I said "go poo poo on the potty". She grunted and I laughed. She stood up and much to my surprise was a big giant poop (I thought the grunt was well...let's just say an impersonation)! I screamed with delight and she turned and looked at it and immediately started crying. I was cheering and kissing and hugging her and telling her what a big girl she was (I was crying too but of joy). I was soooo delighted that I scared the crap out of her - no pun intended! But eventually she cheered too especially when I showed her that she actually gets toilet paper when she goes! Now I am sure this is just short lived and it won't be the end of diapers for Reece but hey, it's a pretty good start especially since she went number 2 which most kids don't do for awhile on the potty. After her nap I asked her if she wanted to go potty on the potty and she cried again but clapped too. I was going to post the picture of the first "potty on the potty" but I thought you all might not enjoy it as much as I. And yes, I watch too much "John and Kate plus 8" not to mention how sleeped deprived and emotional I am right now!


Reece absolutely loves music and especially dancing to music. We don't usually listen to WBNQ but it's one of the only stations we can get in our house (with all the trees). Brock and I were fixing one of our surround sound speakers the other night and had the music on to help us figure out when it was fixed. We discovered "the Reecey" loves to dance to that kind of music. This kept her occupied for at least a half hour - a half hour is a great discovery when you are nursing a baby! We just die laughing at all her dance moves...including the chicken wing pictured here. I'd like to think she gets these corny moves from her daddy. She only stops dancing briefly to change her baby's diaper...these multi task types of activities I know she gets from watching me. I have to totally look like I run around here like a crazy person between changing diapers, nursing, fixing meals, etc.

And all the while, our little "nummy man" sleeps during the music/dancing. The neighbors decided to call him nummy man since every time they come over he is eating!

Reece loves to try and dress herself...I only hope she gets better at it (this is her pj pant - leg).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

She's so me

I found a photo album of pictures where I was 16 to 24 months. I had no idea Reece still looked so much like me when I was little. I was thinking that she was starting to favor Brock but after looking at these I don't think so - minus her blue eyes. I even had her same crazy hair...

This is sooooo a face she makes...I tried to get her to make it so I could post the picture but I haven't been able to capture it.



Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks or Treat!!!

We went trick or treating with Kennedy and Bo on Friday night. It's hard to get them all three sitting and smiling...guess it won't get any easier with 3 others joining the bunch.

It was like Reece had trick or treated for years. She knew exactly what she was doing...she wanted to walk by herself and carry her bucket...

"Bees..." and "DQ" she says (please and thank you).

We couldn't wait to get this sucker out and start eating it. After receiving it, she was done trick or treating.