Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Sister

This past week, Reece has shown some huge signs that she is ready to be a big sister. She loves taking care of Harley and her baby doll. Over the weekend we got her a new baby doll with infant carrier and other accessories that she can take care of when mommy has to take care of the baby. We will give it to her when I come home from the hospital.

Here is Reece feeding Harley.

Reece taking care of her baby. Cleaning her baby...

Changing baby's diaper...

Getting praised for doing such a fabulous job!

(Note: these pictures took place a few minutes before the diaper incident below)

Random but funny

I finally decided it was do or die with the one nap thing and I'd like to have her use to it as possible before the baby comes. So all week, I tried hard to keep Reece awake until 12 or so, that in hopes for a long afternoon nap. It's so hard to keep her awake but at the same time so hard to keep her asleep longer than an hour and a 1/2. With 2 naps I was getting 3 hours or more of quiet time a day and with this one nap, I only get an hour and 1/2 - which is truly not enough for an 18 month old. I figured after some adjusting and tired days, she would eventually take longer naps...I have yet to see this. I came out from blow drying my hair yesterday (Reece was suppose to be watching her video), to find Reece asleep on the floor. I thought for sure this would be a 2 to 3 hour nap day...but nope. I think she has some mental alarm clock going off in there! But here is the picture...(notice the spatula...)

So today we were down in the basement...I was sewing in one room and Reece was playing with her doll and watching a video in the next (play) room. I heard her go upstairs and she returned with the wipes (which she is not suppose to have). I have notice that after she goes number two she gets the wipes out (another sign she is probably ready for the big potty). I didn't think anything of it as she was playing with her baby doll (see pictures in above post). So I continued sewing after taking all but one of the wipes away. If I let her play with them, the girl can sure waste a box of them in a hurry ($$$$). So I let her have one or two from time to time. A couple of minutes later, she came in holding a, her diaper...and it was full of...well, you know. I screamed but actually started laughing. Yes, I took the time to go get the camera. I stripped her down and begin to clean her up...thankfully she had brought the wipes down just a few minutes earlier. She of course thought it was fun to run away from me naked through out the play room and she even tried cleaning up herself...another funny moment caught on camera. Man, will she love me for these later...I will definitely be using these to scare of any boys that I don't like!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

Or should I say "little bro/sis, we have a problem"? Maybe the new baby won't like the swing...I am not sure Reece will be willing to share it - although she is so big it won't even swing with her in it. I have had it out for a month and continually say no to her getting in it - BUSTED!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

37 week appointment

I had my 37 week appointment this morning. Looks like they have changed my c-section date from Monday 10/6 until Tuesday 10/ that is kind of a bummer but maybe a blessing. Reece and I are in a wedding on 10/4 so we might need an extra day to get rest and get things done around here. I am still measuring a little over 2 weeks behind (34 weeks 4 days) which I guess is nice for me! The nurse asked me if I wanted to be "checked"...what a silly question...who really wants to be that uncomfortable? I felt there really is no need to be since it's not like it matters anyway - what's really the difference between a 1, 1 and 1/2 or 2...unless my water breaks, it's not like I am having a baby before that re-scheduled date. I mean if I was a 3 or 4 they might send me over to the hospital but I don't really feel like anything is going on so I opted in passing on being practically miserable the whole day. She said we would do that next week just to make sure before the wedding and all - JOY. Baby's heartbeat was in the usual 130's and everything seems to be going fine. Until next week...happy contractions, heartburn, sleepless nights, and other gross stuff.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hectic days...'s been pretty hectic around here keeping up on the house, getting ready for the baby, keeping up with Reece and all her quirky 18 month ways...she is throwing more tantrums and becoming more independent everyday. A new thing she likes doing is telling mommy (and other people) "no", spilling her food, throwing her food, spitting out her food...did I mention making messes? Sometimes I feel like Cinderella (or should I say the ugly step sister who's like a slave)...only not so attractive and I am sure no glass slipper will fit on these feet...who am I kidding, I can't even get satin slippers! They'd be ruined before I took the tags off!

Here are a few random I caught Reece cleaning her rocking chair with the wash rag...ah...maybe my nesting ways are rubbing off on her! You would be annoyed at how much I praised her for cleaning. But it worked...she proceeded by cleaning her baby's stroller, her face, and arms...

Last week I had a doctor appointment in which my retired (male) neighbor watched Reece (to avoid getting "checked" with my daughter in the room)...I went to change her diaper before her nap...does anyone know what is wrong with this picture or how this even happens?

Yep, totally on backwards...

Here's the spitting out food and making a mess part...notice the pink applesauce in the hair and the absence of her bowl (yep, across the room on the floor...should have taken a picture of that too but was too mad and knew it would take me a 1/2 hour to clean)

And we are down to one's how lunch time has been going recently.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

36 week appointment and belly comparison

This morning I had my 36 week appointment. Things are moving along as I have been having a ton more contractions and a LOT of pressure (you know where). I am still measuring a couple of weeks behind possibly do to the baby being so low. During the "check" she said the head was VERY low which has been VERY obvious to me in the last day or so. It made the "check" a little less uncomfortable since she did not have to go very far. She said I am dilated about 1 and still 50% effaced or so. So everything is still standing at DOD 10/6. Baby has been moving around just fine and heartbeat at the visist was 132.

Top picture is 36 weeks with this baby.

36 weeks with Reece

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday to my neice, Madysen!!

Yesterday, we went to cousin Mady's 5th birthday party. We got her the new Diamond Castle Barbie movie and the doll to go with. Happy Birthday, Mady! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I have been waiting for this day!

I was always told kids do this when they start going away from their morning nap but I never thought my "on-the-go-kid" would do this. Today, Reece didn't take her morning nap. Instead, we got our groceries and we came home and ate lunch around 11. She got into her favorite kitchen drawer and grabbed all the measuring cups so I figured she was still ready to play. So I went in the office and responded to 2 emails (probably gone a total of 2 minutes)...I thought to myself that things were awfully quiet out in the kitchen and a fear came over me about what my child might be doing in my absence...much to my surprise I found this...
YEA!!! She does know how to go to sleep when she is tired!!! It was seriously 2 minutes and she was out. I couldn't resist taking the picture. I just picked her up and carried her to bed. Let's hope for a good 2 to 3 hour nap...mommy is going to lay down too!

35 Week Appointment

Baby Stats:
Location: Head down (not breech)
Current est weight - 5lbs 15 ounces
Tummy measurement - 35 weeks
Leg measurement - 35 weeks
Head measurement - Priceless...okay kind of...40 weeks, 2 days and growing! This was what they call the DP measurment (whatever that is) and the circumference of the head is measuring about 37 weeks.

This kid is going to have a big noggin (more brains)! Doc said normal or average head size at delivery is 9'2 cm and my baby is 9'7cm already. So it's a good thing I am having a c-section. We are hoping for lots of hair and/or BIG hats or bows!

Mom Stats:
I am 35 weeks pregnant but belly is measuring only at 32 weeks. This is because I am carrying deep. Because we measured the baby and everything is fine, they are not concerned that I am small. Total weight gain = 23 lbs.

C-section has been scheduled for Monday 10/6 unless I go before. With a head size that big, I could go into labor but maybe not. Reece had a big noggin too (12'5 cm according to her chart)and I didn't go into labor (remember, these big noggins run in the family). I go weekly from here on out and have an appointment next Thursday. If I am dilated, I am not sure what the doctor will do. I will keep you posted.

New pics:
Top two are of the face looking at us. One on the left you can see the chub-chub cheek under the eye and it's looking can see the pupil of the eye if you look closely. The right one, the baby is looking right at us (again, scary).

Bottom two are of the feet. The one on the left...see the top of the head next to it? The baby is head down, back and body go around my left side and feet are curled around down towards the head. He/she is pretty crammed in there but appears to be nice and cozy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Darling Diva

As much as my darling diva daughter likes to do girly things such as talk on the phone, try on shoes, do her hair, watch mommy do her hair and makeup...

She loves playing ball with Harley, running, playing in the dirt and wrestling around with da-da. Hmmm....let's see how many balls I can carry and Harley will chase me...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Potty Time!

Well...we have had the potty out for 2 weeks. Reece is very interested in it and sits on it every time mommy goes. I'll add that this has been a lot lately due to a certain sibling growing on my bladder. Several times a day, Reece insists that she take off her pants and diaper and go...and she wants to use the TP to wipe even though she never goes. So Tuesday night before bath as usual, since she is already naked, we run right in and sit on the potty. On Reece's particular potty, if the inside gets wet (hopefully pee), it plays a fun tune. So we were sitting there like we do any other night not expecting anything when I hear the tune. Thinking to myself - "who's cell phone?", I saw Reece's eyes light up and she stood up real fast to look strangely at the potty. I realized - Reecey went potty in the potty chair! We cheered for at least 5 minutes and I think she thought we were totally nuts but she cheered along with us and was excited. She even put her hand in the potty to see what was in there...good thing bath time was next! I am sure this was all coincidence but hey, it's a start. She tried a few times yesterday and did not go...she was dissappointed when I would not clap with her.

"Huh...what'd I do?"

Reece admiring her work after the bath.

Reece sharing toys with Harley. They sure love to play with each other these days. It's so fun to watch. She screams with joy as he chases her around the house when she has one of his toys. First thing she says when she wakes up is "Harley". It's too cute.

Also...Reece and I had pictures taken last week. You can view them at ... and no, I am not having twins...that two outfits in some of the photos represents either boy OR girl.