Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Potty Time!

Well...we have had the potty out for 2 weeks. Reece is very interested in it and sits on it every time mommy goes. I'll add that this has been a lot lately due to a certain sibling growing on my bladder. Several times a day, Reece insists that she take off her pants and diaper and go...and she wants to use the TP to wipe even though she never goes. So Tuesday night before bath as usual, since she is already naked, we run right in and sit on the potty. On Reece's particular potty, if the inside gets wet (hopefully pee), it plays a fun tune. So we were sitting there like we do any other night not expecting anything when I hear the tune. Thinking to myself - "who's cell phone?", I saw Reece's eyes light up and she stood up real fast to look strangely at the potty. I realized - Reecey went potty in the potty chair! We cheered for at least 5 minutes and I think she thought we were totally nuts but she cheered along with us and was excited. She even put her hand in the potty to see what was in there...good thing bath time was next! I am sure this was all coincidence but hey, it's a start. She tried a few times yesterday and did not go...she was dissappointed when I would not clap with her.

"Huh...what'd I do?"

Reece admiring her work after the bath.

Reece sharing toys with Harley. They sure love to play with each other these days. It's so fun to watch. She screams with joy as he chases her around the house when she has one of his toys. First thing she says when she wakes up is "Harley". It's too cute.

Also...Reece and I had pictures taken last week. You can view them at ... and no, I am not having twins...that two outfits in some of the photos represents either boy OR girl.

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