Sunday, September 28, 2008

Random but funny

I finally decided it was do or die with the one nap thing and I'd like to have her use to it as possible before the baby comes. So all week, I tried hard to keep Reece awake until 12 or so, that in hopes for a long afternoon nap. It's so hard to keep her awake but at the same time so hard to keep her asleep longer than an hour and a 1/2. With 2 naps I was getting 3 hours or more of quiet time a day and with this one nap, I only get an hour and 1/2 - which is truly not enough for an 18 month old. I figured after some adjusting and tired days, she would eventually take longer naps...I have yet to see this. I came out from blow drying my hair yesterday (Reece was suppose to be watching her video), to find Reece asleep on the floor. I thought for sure this would be a 2 to 3 hour nap day...but nope. I think she has some mental alarm clock going off in there! But here is the picture...(notice the spatula...)

So today we were down in the basement...I was sewing in one room and Reece was playing with her doll and watching a video in the next (play) room. I heard her go upstairs and she returned with the wipes (which she is not suppose to have). I have notice that after she goes number two she gets the wipes out (another sign she is probably ready for the big potty). I didn't think anything of it as she was playing with her baby doll (see pictures in above post). So I continued sewing after taking all but one of the wipes away. If I let her play with them, the girl can sure waste a box of them in a hurry ($$$$). So I let her have one or two from time to time. A couple of minutes later, she came in holding a, her diaper...and it was full of...well, you know. I screamed but actually started laughing. Yes, I took the time to go get the camera. I stripped her down and begin to clean her up...thankfully she had brought the wipes down just a few minutes earlier. She of course thought it was fun to run away from me naked through out the play room and she even tried cleaning up herself...another funny moment caught on camera. Man, will she love me for these later...I will definitely be using these to scare of any boys that I don't like!

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