Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant #14

I have been saving this one for a couple of weeks.  Brody got into Reecey's valentines and used half of her stickers for himself.  I wondered why he was so quiet!!He has such a cute personality and everything is "okay" in his world.  He always says "It's okay...It's okay, mom".  He helps keep the perfectionist away!  With that smile, it certainly helps.

Incidences not so Insignificant #13

My little guy has an obsession with coffee that only his mommy would understand (he's just like me)!  YEA!  I hope that he always has it...I always wanted someone to drink coffee with when I get old.  He always begs me to have drinks of my coffee so I decide to make him his own - decaf of course. 

About like me when I first wake up waiting for my coffee.
 Waiting on the percolating...
 Ah....how I feel after the first sip!  Much better!

Incidences not so Insignificant #12

Our Valentine Dessert that the kids help me make - they did the red sprinkles and sorted the red M&Ms from the green (still left from Christmas).  Oreo Pie - our fave!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant # 11

Only a boy with an older sister would think this looks nice on his John Deer tractor.

Incidences not so Insignificant #10

The glass I won at the bridal shower (for knowing the bride the best) caught Reece's eye because it has a crown on it.  And I have to admit, the description matches her personality better than mine.  So...what else would I do with it?  Her only complaint was that it wasn't big enough to dip her oreo or donut in!  After I washed it however, it's only a clear, plain glass now.

Incidences not so Insignificant #9

Lots and lots of bandaids...the paper doesn't even make it to the garbage before the band-aid "cures" the owie and also doesn't make it to the garbage.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant Day #8

Noah's Ark didn't have the same outcome in their version of the story.

Incidents not so Insignificant Day #7

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You knew I would have to include the jingle jar in our daily incidents.  There is not a week that goes by that she doesn't help us buy something we want.  I had a couple of gift cards too but the jingle jar helped pay for tax for our ice cream last night.  Also some $1 movies last week...and a treat at the disovery museum the week before that. (See Jingle Jar post here)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant Day #6

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These are often not used for what they are intended for...mostly "candy" for the "parade".  I really do not like that game.

Incidences not so Insignifant Day #5

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These are not the only "tools" I see on a daily basis...just sayin'

Incidences not so Insignificant day #4

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The friends I take a shower with every morning...anyone else?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant Day #3

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With the craziness of this weekend, I have been slacking on updating these.  I had a day 3 and 4 picture and then they got deleted when my camera was too full of pictures.  So, I will have to catch those up on another day. 

My little princess is fascinated with "getting married", but her definition is skewed based on what she has seen in all those Disney movies.  She thinks getting married is wearing a fancy dress and vail and dancing with her man of choice.  I am enjoying the innocence of that.  She has even been sleeping in her gowns and veil as pictured below.  She's already dreaming of that special day in her life. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant Day #2

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It's a very rare occassion that I would be able to take pictures of both kids sleeping in one day.  We have been giving Brody more freedom in his room at nap/bedtime and today, he took a nap with his door open.  His life would not be the same without his Ge-Ge (he couldn't say blankie - rhymes with Me-Me).  He always puts his ge-ge up to his mouth like this.
 Reecey girl didn't take a nap today, but fell asleep with her lamp on while trying to wait for me.  She also has her blankie and her thumb had just fallen out of her mouth.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Reece

(See posts here and here if you are just hearing about this for the first time.)

Reece had her urologist appointment today.  The results were kind of what I expected, but not really what I wanted...although I really don't know what I wanted either besides a clear cut answer.  Not sure I got that, but thankfully, everything appears to be very normal. 

The doctor said that by looking at her x-ray she does seem to have a lot of stool (which is what her pediatrician said a month ago when she called).  He said what happens is pretty common with kids her age, especially girls.  They get potty trained and then they get comfortable doing it by themselves and making the decision for themselves when it is time to go.  They start holding it as long as possible because they are busy doing whatever it is they want to do.  They go, but don't completely empty because they are not relaxed, they are in a hurry.  This goes for #1 and for #2.  Reece goes #2 regularly but he is thinking she is not getting everything out - just enough to make her feel relieved.  He said just because she goes every day, doesn't mean she is getting everything out...this would cause pressure on her bladder. 

So for the next 2 MONTHS, every 2 hours, I have to make Reece go to the bathroom and sit for 2 minutes.  Even if she does not go or have to go, she is to sit on the pot and relax for two minutes.  I also have to put her back on the Miralax for the next two months until we see him next.  This means that she may...well, lets just say it now...poop 4 times a day and it may not be solid, but that is what he wants to see happen to be sure she is all cleared out (he said it should be like soft serve chocolate ice cream, which was my favorite until now).  At the end of the 2 months, she will have another x ray and we will see him at that time. 

So, I guess it's an answer of sorts but I wish it didn't cost so much money and time to find out something so small and common.  I am thankful that it is nothing serious, and am ready for the next two months to 'run its course' (pun intended).  Thanks for all the prayers over this situation and continue to pray for us over the next two months as we start this new routine.  I guess it's time to invest in a good timer!

Photo project for February - Incidences not so Insignificant Day #1

One of my friends from high school inspired me to do a  month long daily photo journal of everyday occurrences.  I loved the idea of making myself take a picture of something everyday that may seem insignificant to others, but sum up my life as I currently know it. I would love to see it a year from now and do it again next February.  I loved seeing her pictures each day so I hope you enjoy seeing mine! 

Similar to her title (she told me to steal/copy hers, but I won't completely), I am calling mine:

"Incidences not so insignificant". 

The definition of incident: something dependent on or subordinate to something else of greater or principal importance.
I even read something in my bible study yesterday that related - "sometimes in the most unlikely verses we get a glimpse into something that could be significant" (Melissa Moore, Mercy Triumphs).
So, I guess what I am saying is that sometimes the most unlikely of places or perdicaments, we get a glimpse of something that is significant to our children and their lives - which ultimately is significant in ours.  Documenting these incidences each day will help me to explore the significance of each thing my children do each day.  The scene in each picture is dependent on something of great importance - my children!  Without them, the things I am taking picures of, would not have any significance.  Got it?  So here we go. (none of these will be posed pictures, but things that I find throughout a day that was created by the imaginations of my children and left behind by them.)
For the first day I am going to post 2 pictures (since February is a short month) of incidences that I came across today in the life of each of my children.  I will post a picture each day and a little blurb about it, if needed.

Incident #1
He's a bad eater no matter how you look at it.

Incident #2 Living in a house with a little girl, you are bound to stumble across a scene like this:
make-up, shoes, and dolls with no heads.