Friday, December 16, 2011

Reece Update

I noticed this past week that Reece has been going to the bathroom very frequently.  I am talking 4 or 5 times in a 20 minute period or a dozen times an hour.  She is not complaining of any pain and has told me that it does not hurt.  I took her to the doctor assuming it was a bladder infection or urinary tract infection.  They tested  her urine and it came back negative for that.  They tested again in 48 hours and that also came back negative.  They have referred her to a pediatric urology specialist who she can't see until Feb 1st because there are not many pediactric doctors that specialize in this area.  In the meantime, we will be heading to St Joe on Jan 2nd for an abdominal x-ray and sonogram.  I imagine that if something was very abnormal during that visit, they would get us in sooner to the specialist.

I can't imagine waiting that long to see someone and her having this issue that has rapidly taken over her life this week.  She is beyond frustrated and even embarrassed by it.  A couple of nights ago as I put her to bed, she was sobbing out of frustration.  She told me she never wants to go to the bathroom again and asked that I pray with her and ask that God take it away from her.  This is the child who could hold "potty" for 5 hours!  It interrupts every part of her day and night.  She is not sleeping well as she gets up a lot to go to the bathroom.  She is not uncomfortable other than that.  I had her lay down and I pushed some on her abdomen to see if I could feel anything.  I didn't feel anything and she didn't complain of any pain.  I also have been going with her to try and push her to go more (because it's usually just a trickle) thinking that maybe she was not emptying completely - like they do when they are first being potty trained.  She cries out of frustration saying "that is all there is" but then returns 2 minutes later with another trickle.

Her doctor told me it could be considered what they call a bladder spasm.  Something has caused it to spasm and that would be resolved by medicine - but she would have to wait until after she saw the specialist Feb 1st!

A nurse I talked to yesterday said that if she was constipated that could cause pressure to her bladder.  She never has had a problem in that area and goes regularly...almost at the exact time every day.  So right now we are unsure what is causing this. 

I guess I am asking for prayers for her - that we could get an answer quicker than they are saying and that she will not grow weary and more frustrated.  We ask that it would not be anything life threatening as well of course.  We know that whatever it is, God is in control and He has a plan in all of it.  We are anxiously awaiting an outcome.    Please keep this situation in your prayers!


Amy said...

Hi! I just read your post and I have a suggestion. This exact thing happened to one of my sons. The pediatrician asked us if we put soap in his bath water. Apparently soap in bath water can, out of nowhere, cause an irritation that makes kids feel like they have to urinate. We stopped using soap and he was right as rain. Hope this helps!

Lindsay Bauer said...

My doctor had mentioned that too but we really don't do bubble baths and I don't put soap in the water except for what is coming off her hair or washing her body. And she's been taking showers somewhat too. Do you still wash everything with soap then or avoid that area alltogether?

Amy said...

We still wash everything; we just get them out ASAP after they are soaped up. (They play in the bath before we get them all soaped up.)hershagr