Tuesday, December 20, 2011

S & T

S is for Scripture.  We looked at few verses:  "All Scripture is God Breathed" which the kids learned in Awana this year.  And that "All Your words are true" and discussed that all the stories and words in the bible are true.  Since we don't have time to do a craft each day and we are still finishing up the scroll craft from the letter P, I will use this to show them a version of scripture.

T is for Tithing.  We give back 10% of the money we earn to the church.  This goes to the missionaries and towards our church expenses.  God gives us the money and we are to give back to Him.   We will look at Malachi 3:10 and ask the following questions:  Who gives us the money and all things/blessings?  The world and everything good in it was given to us by the Heavenly Father who loves and cares for us.  We show our appreciation by obeying the commandments and doing our part to help the church grow.

I got my children's piggy banks out and we took out 10% of each.  They will set that aside and eventually we can cash it in and give it in the offering plate.  I also found this cute idea - matching the different money around the world...the don't understand all of that but they do know how to match (tithing around the world)

This is our craft from the prophet lesson and also tying it into S - scripture lesson.  We took a white piece of paper, printed the verse from Isaiah, and crumbled it up.  Before we left this morning we dipped it in coffee (to make it look old) so that way when we got back it would be dry.

Look how old it looked...we made a scroll by rolling the ends over pencils and gluing it.
Reece with her rudolph the red-nosed-reindeer that we made at the library

We were making Christmas cookies and trying to make red frosting...but the kids thought it looked like blood which I so smartly tied back to letter R - resurrection...red...and the blood of Christ.

R for resurrection, the story we read, and the tomb craft.

The tithing activity...we roped in daddy since he's better at math.  It's hard work counting all those coins from the piggy banks...especially being rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer.
 This is where Reece had to match the tithe to the amount of money - all in different countries.  The shapes of the money were outlined so that was why it was easy for her. 

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