Monday, December 5, 2011

A little kitchen updating

I did a small update to my kitchen a couple of weeks ago.  I never liked the color in there but there is not a lot I can do because of the counters and flooring.  Glad the counters have specks of black in them...that helps.  I went with a coffee house type theme - black and tan - and actually decorated above all my cabinets which I had never done before.  Here are some before and afters...and some tips on how to update knobs and things for cheap!
Old light green paint - facing back door
 New - black and tan wall
 Tan with new picture
 Old - hallway with coat pegs
 Tan wall with newly painted black pegs (spray painted)
 Old - above stove
 New above stove - added lights, a couple of vases with some color and a picture - I have added a couple more things since this (hint - orange)!
 Old desk area/microwave cart area
 New - notice microwave cart.  It was an old vintage (probably from the 70s - Brock had it as a kid) brown cart covered in contact spray painted black.
 Old - view from living room
 New - view from living room
 A couple of new things - clock, vase, picture, and a couple of old things I found in the basement
 Black above cabinets - oversized coffee mug that I got for $5! did anyone notice the knobs?  In all the before pics they are white and now they are black!  I did NOT replace them - it's black spray paint!  I did some research online and found that if you use a bonding primer, it should work.  I figured if not, I'd replace them then.  So instead of at least $50 in replacement knobs, I paid around $5 for primer and black spray paint (added clear coat which I already had at home).
Here's how I did it.  Took all the knobs off and washed them in soapy water.  Rubbed a little sand paper on them (and I mean like 2 seconds per knob).  Used styrofoam craft pieces that I already had at home and put toothpicks in them.  Put the knobs on top...
 Primed them.  I let them dry for 1/2 hour and then sprayed them black.  Then did the clear coat and let them dry over night.  Super far (2 weeks in) they paint still looks great.  Based on the shape of mine I would recommend putting them top down first and spraying the bottoms until completion first.  Then hanging them on the toothpicks to do the tops.  (this bottom one was a card board box with the toothpicks - a bit harder to poke through)
I am loving the rich, comforting feel and look of the "new" kitchen.  Down the road I would love to replace the counters and flooring.  I am currently doing research on how to replace counters for cheap (including these paint kits they have now!).  Right now I am settling for some new rugs and enjoying the new decorations.

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