Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lately Reece has been getting in the swing with her baby doll, blanket, and sassy (paci) and pushing the "on" button. She likes going for a swing...Hey, I guess someone has to use it!

I see a little actress here...maybe another Home Alone movie??

Reece has been going around "praying" lately...she puts her hands together like this and walks around the house chanting...maybe I am doing something right.

I am fearing another on-the-go child...Brody bounces his way right out of the bouncy seat like Reece did. It's time to start strapping him in! This makes me sad!

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Lovie" lovers

B is getting soooo big! He is so smiley and giggly. He totally loves to watch Reece and/or I. He just lights up when he sees us. Reece gets right down in his face and says "hi, hi" and gives him big kisses. And she totally shares with him...right down to her paci and "lovie". I am sure this won't last long but it's totally cute and I give her tons of praises for it.

A serious "baby brother" face

Looks like we have another "lovie" lover...Reecey brought Brody his "lovie" since she loves hers so much.

They are becoming real good buds.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rev Alvin Gage

This obit was in the Peoria Journal Star today for my grandfather

Alvin Gage

PEORIA - The Rev. Alvin Forest Gage, 90, of Peoria passed away at 9:25 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009, at Proctor Endowment Home in Peoria.
The Rev. Gage was born Aug. 18, 1918, in East Orange, N.J., a son of John and Elizabeth Riker Gage. He married Mary Martha Root on June 18, 1949, in Nottingham, Pa.
He graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in 1943 with a Missionary Diploma and also graduated from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology Degree (ThB) in 1950. He was ordained on June 24, 1951, by the First Baptist Church of Berlin, Wis.
He is survived by his wife of 59 years; one son, David Gage of Willow Springs, Ill.; one daughter, Darlene (Bill) Bultemeier of Princeville; two brothers, Chandler Gage of Clifton, N.J., and Richard (Margie) Gage of Salisbury, Md.; three grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
The Rev. Gage served as a minister for 40 years.
He pastored the First Baptist Church of Berlin, Wis. (1950-1953), Prospect Heights Baptist Church of Prospect Heights, Ill. (1953-1955), First Baptist Church of Morrisville, Pa., (1956-70) and Bethany Baptist Church of Peoria (1970-1985). He was also interim pastor for Grace Baptist Church of Ottawa, Ill. (1985-1986) and Grace Baptist Church of Mahomet, Ill. (1986). He was past president of Greater Peoria Evangelical and Ministerial Association, and Conservative Baptist Association of Illinois. He was past secretary of Philadelphia Conservative Baptist Association.
He was a member of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria.
Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009, at The Wilton Mortuary in Peoria. The Rev. Bob Donaldson will officiate. Visitation will be Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. Burial will be in Swan Lake Memory Gardens in Peoria.
Memorials may be made to Grace Presbyterian Church or Bethany Baptist Church, both in Peoria.

Monday, January 19, 2009


My precious grandfather went to be with the Lord last night around 9:30. He was 90 years old. My grandfather was born on August 18th, 1918. He was married on June 18th, had his first child on April 18th (my mom), and died on January 18th. The 18th must have been a special number to him. He was a great man, husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. He was a pastor for many years and played a very big part in my salvation and walk with Jesus Christ. He has set such a great example for so many to follow and is leaving behind his wife of 56 years. He played a part in Brock and I's wedding day (pictures below). He will be buried in the suit he married us in (also married my mom in the same suit). He will be missed.


My grandfather taught me how to play the trombone which I played for 11 years. I have his first trombone that he got when he was 19. (yeah, yeah, funny picture of me but had to share).

Our wedding day 4/16/2005

Friday, January 16, 2009

I guess it has been awhile since the last update. Things have still been hectic around here....December left us with the stomach flu and colds and January has brought RSV and nebulizers. Brody had RSV and both kids were on a nebulizer every 4 hours. Brock was also gone during this time on a business trip to Florida so mommy was a bit busy with getting everyone fed, changed, and "nebbed" up. Reece pretty much hated the neb even though it had a friendly fish face...but M&Ms and chocolate donuts later, we made it through the treatments even without daddy's help. Reece is off the neb now but Brody must continue it until the cough is gone. We are all doing much better and daddy returned yesterday. We are so glad to have him home.

Reece is really enjoying taking care of her dollies. She talks to them in a cheesy voice - just imitating how mommy talks to Brody. She also loves taking care of Brody. She loves talking to him, hugging him, and bringing him toys. She is becoming quite the big sister. She is saying so many words now...I just can't believe how much she picks up on and repeats. These days she is really cracking me up with the things she does. For instance, she tries putting diapers on her babies. The straps usually make it around the baby's neck. Then she takes it off, looks inside and says "Ewww...poo-poo" and pinches her nose (for smelly).

Brody has discovered his thumb and is turning out to be a true thumb sucker.

Daddy came home from Florida yesterday...he visited Walt Disney World where he got Minnie for Reece and Mickey for Brody. Of course Reece thinks they are both for her.
While Daddy was gone, we set up Reece's tent in the house and had a slumber party with all her dolls. We turned off all the lights and read books by flashlight. She loves it when mommy hides in it and jumps out to say "boo". The tent was in the living room for a few days but once daddy came home, we put it up in the playroom. Reece and mommy hid in the tent from daddy and once he came in the house and was looking for us, Reecey ran out to greet him.