Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Bedwetting/Illness quick change

This is something I have been doing since my kids have been in cribs to save myself time, stress and sleep! 

I bought two sets of sheets and two sets of waterproof mattress pads.  Make the bed first using the first mattress pad cover (goes on top of mattress), then following with the fitted sheet, and regular sheet.  On top of that, put the next waterproof mattress pad, 2nd fitted sheet, and 2nd regular sheet. 

When your child gets sick in the middle of the night or wets the bed, you can do this fix in the dark so that everyone can get right back to bed.  And as they get older they will learn to do it themselves!!! 

The reason I posted this today is because this happened just last night.  Brody wet the bed and he knew to pull off the top layers, change his clothes and get a new big blanket out of a drawer in his room.  I didn't even know all this happened until he got up this morning and told me. 

So to add to this, what I have done was put a spare set of jammies, undies and a big comforter in the bottom drawer of his dresser.  He knows it is in there, so if he has an accident, he can change the sheets himself, change himself and get right back to bed, barely interrupting his sleep and not interrupting mine at all :)  Since he is five now, I think this is a fine thing for him to be doing on his own.  Even though it was an accident, it causes him to be responsible for it and hopefully he will have less accidents.  

Here is a picture:  The blue set of sheets are the first set which are over the 1st mattress pad cover.  The white is the 2nd mattress cover, and the orange is the 2nd set of sheets. 


As everyone knows, it's been a cold winter.  My kids beg to play out in the snow but it's been way too cold!  Thankfully we've had a few good days to be able to enjoy this snow.  I don't mind being "snowed" in.  It allows me to get things done inside that I haven't been able to do.

Jersey Hill

 Right before my sledding accident :(  Couldn't sit for a week!

This is our unending task...build a snow fort in the cul de sac!  The snow plow dumps the snow at the end of our street creating a snow mountain.  We dig holes in it and make forts in it...then the snow plow comes again and we have to start all over!
 Sledding on the back of the four wheeler.

Sledding at the cabin

We use our toy box lid as a sled!


As some of you may know, I have been a Beachbody coach for the last couple of years.  I have mainly done this to meet my own goals and have a discount on their many products.  I have been running challenge groups that have been very successful.  I love seeing people meet their fitness goals.  The challenge groups help keep you accountable and motivated.  I would like to do more of these and increase my customer base so I think I will start using the blog as a way to help me in this.  I don't want to create another blog to do this.  So on this blog you will find many things...things about beachbody, recipes, parenting tips, my own personal thoughts and photos of our family, and possibly doula and photography stuff.  So it's kind of a free for all and I hope you can find things that you need!  I will have all posts labeled such as "recipes", Health and Fitness, Beachbody, Kiddos, etc.  That should help you easily access what you need.  If anyone is still reading this old blog!! 

What is a challenge group?

Basically you sign up for a challenge pack...that is any beachbody work out program and shakeology.  We have  private group on facebook that you would be invited to  join.  There you will receive instructions, motivation, encouragement on a daily basis.  The groups usually last 6 weeks to 90 days with prizes awarded at the end.  You take personal pictures and measurements to help you keep track of your progress.  It's not a requirement to share those! 

My next challenge group will be 21 day fix.
It takes out ALL the guess work. And is designed to help YOU lose up to 15lbs in 21 days- the healthy way. The 21 day fix includes a simple portion control ...eating system with color coded containers. No calorie counting, measuring, tracking points, macros etc! This is something you can stick with and will help you learn healthy eating habits. It even includes a restaurant eating guide and allows for chocolate and wine (in moderation of course). The program also comes with 7- 30 minute workouts. One for each day of the week, with a variety of exercises from cardio, yoga, circuit training and more!!

For the release the program is on sale for $140 and includes...workouts, a full month of Shakeology, meal plan, 7 color codes portion control containers, and a Shakeology shaker bottle! Normally Shakeology alone is $129.99 so this is an AMAZING deal!!

If you are a current customer of mine you can order it now through teambeachbody.com. If not, you can order it on 2/17. Challenge group starts 2/24!!! When you order through me you get ME as your personal coach to help you every step of the way AND a spot in my private support groups. Complete this application today to be a part of my challenge group! Spaces are limited!!!! Sign up: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2QT3SC7

To see more about the 21 day fix go to:


Christmas Break - St Louis

During Christmas break we took a little trip with our closest friends to St Louis to visit the American Girl Doll store and the City Museum.  Since it was 50 degrees that weekend, we also hit up the St Louis Zoo.
 Saige getting her hair done.

 Sumer, Reece, Mady with their dolls.

Of Course the moms had fun too :)

Christmas Pictures

I did a few Christmas shoots over the holiday season.  I managed to get a few of my own kids as well :)

This is soooo his personality

 All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth :)