Sunday, February 5, 2012

Incidences not so Insignificant Day #3

(If this is your first day reading these, see initial post here for an explanation).

With the craziness of this weekend, I have been slacking on updating these.  I had a day 3 and 4 picture and then they got deleted when my camera was too full of pictures.  So, I will have to catch those up on another day. 

My little princess is fascinated with "getting married", but her definition is skewed based on what she has seen in all those Disney movies.  She thinks getting married is wearing a fancy dress and vail and dancing with her man of choice.  I am enjoying the innocence of that.  She has even been sleeping in her gowns and veil as pictured below.  She's already dreaming of that special day in her life. 

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