Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Reece

(See posts here and here if you are just hearing about this for the first time.)

Reece had her urologist appointment today.  The results were kind of what I expected, but not really what I wanted...although I really don't know what I wanted either besides a clear cut answer.  Not sure I got that, but thankfully, everything appears to be very normal. 

The doctor said that by looking at her x-ray she does seem to have a lot of stool (which is what her pediatrician said a month ago when she called).  He said what happens is pretty common with kids her age, especially girls.  They get potty trained and then they get comfortable doing it by themselves and making the decision for themselves when it is time to go.  They start holding it as long as possible because they are busy doing whatever it is they want to do.  They go, but don't completely empty because they are not relaxed, they are in a hurry.  This goes for #1 and for #2.  Reece goes #2 regularly but he is thinking she is not getting everything out - just enough to make her feel relieved.  He said just because she goes every day, doesn't mean she is getting everything out...this would cause pressure on her bladder. 

So for the next 2 MONTHS, every 2 hours, I have to make Reece go to the bathroom and sit for 2 minutes.  Even if she does not go or have to go, she is to sit on the pot and relax for two minutes.  I also have to put her back on the Miralax for the next two months until we see him next.  This means that she may...well, lets just say it now...poop 4 times a day and it may not be solid, but that is what he wants to see happen to be sure she is all cleared out (he said it should be like soft serve chocolate ice cream, which was my favorite until now).  At the end of the 2 months, she will have another x ray and we will see him at that time. 

So, I guess it's an answer of sorts but I wish it didn't cost so much money and time to find out something so small and common.  I am thankful that it is nothing serious, and am ready for the next two months to 'run its course' (pun intended).  Thanks for all the prayers over this situation and continue to pray for us over the next two months as we start this new routine.  I guess it's time to invest in a good timer!

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