Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on Reece

Back on December 16th, I informed you of Reece's frequent urination problem...see initial post here.  It has gotten better over the past few weeks but she still has episodes of frequent urination.  She might have a bad couple of hours in a day and be fine the rest of the day. 
On Monday January 2nd, Reece and I headed to St Joe before the sun was up to have her X-ray and sonogram of her abdomen.  I explained the procedures to her so that she would not be scared and it did seem to work, although she has never been a fearful child.  They were quick procedures and we were out of there in less than hour. They didn't tell us much while there and I don't think we will really hear much until we see the urologist on February 4th.  I did receive a call the day after the procedures from a nurse at Reece's peditrician office.  They did say they felt she had a lot of stool and they recommended we put her on Miralax until she had regular daily stools.  I explained that she already has these and that by doing the x ray so early, she wasn't able to go in the morning as usual.  However, I put her on the Miralax for several days which meant, not only did she pee alot...she pooped alot.  Sigh....
So I took her off that a few days ago.
I had also noticed 2 weeks ago she occassionally said she felt like she was going to get sick.  She would go get a bucket and sit in the chair until it passed.  I noticed it more so when she would get up from bed in the morning and at naps. I thought it was probably her blood sugar being low from not eating in awhile or something. She also said her throat had been hurting some. The last few days there hasn't been a day when she hasn't said she feels sick. I don't think she's eating that much either so I have tied it up to not eating much and that she is hungry/low blood sugar. But I was also thinking it could be strept since that is going around and has nausea as a symptom. I had also been reading about diabetes and that is a sign for it also. Monday night she sat for 45 minutes in the chair saying she felt sick and did the same thing when she woke up the morning (she didn't finish her dinner that night).  I took her back to the doctor Tuesday morning.  They tested her blood and urine for glucose/blood sugar and that came back fine. They also did a stept test and that also came back fine.  So I am not sure what to think. I guess glad that it came back negative but wanting an answer of some sort.
Yesterday, the school called and said she started saying that she was going to get sick as soon as she sat down for snack (I do notice it more around meal times and also bedtime and when she gets up). I explained to the teacher all of it and we decided for me not to go and get her this time. I am afraid that if I do, she'll do this all the time. I am now starting to wonder if it's either a) anxiety - maybe she has some worries that she hasn't shared or b) just sinus drainage that is causing upset stomach. The doctor did say her throat was a little red and I know she has a cold. She could have had sinus drainage the past couple of weeks and it hasn't turned into a full cold yet...this has happened to me before. Or c) this is somehow related to the urinary issues she is having (which can be caused by anxiety too). I don't know what to think.  I do know that I am not reading a lot on the internet or asking a lot of opinions because I don't want to worry a lot about it.  I know that God is in control of it and He does have a plan.  I do feel like I have seen glimpses of His plan through it and I will share more at a later time.  For now, we will keep praying for her to feel better and wait for the Urologist appointment on 2/4.

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JeffandKatie said...

Hey's Katie. Sorry I'm so super far behind, but I just read this about the Reeser.

Have docs check her kidneys. I literally had the same problems when I was like 5 and I had some kidney issues. I'd get an infection and be sick, have a fever and urininate a lot.

Surprisingly, a minor surgery fixed it. I still remember getting an Inspector Gadget toy (my favorite) for being in the hospital.

Anyway, her symptoms sound very similar to mine...just food for thought.