Monday, January 16, 2012


After my last post, we did finally get the snow that we had been waiting for.  We played outside in both the warmth one day and the snow the next.  In fact, I got a fun photo showing the differences between the two days....

Wednesday - warm (50 degrees) and light jackets...
 Thursday...bundled up and snow!
 She loved laying in the snow doing snow angels, crawling, and sliding.
 Her gloves got wet right away so she settled for pockets just to stay outside...Brody changed into these bigger gloves. 
 Taking a break from all the walking
 Even in the snow, he's still a boy who loves his cars!

 Those smiles melt not only momma's heart but the snow as well. 

 Brody loved watching the snow trucks.
 We even went sledding.  From smaller hills around our house to huge hills at Highland golf course...I can't believe how much they love the snow and how courageous they were.  They went down all the big hills that the high schoolers were going on. 
 Today we played outside in the warmer weather again (almost 50)...but there was still enough snow to make a snowman. 
I am so thankful these guys love to be outside.  Although most of the time I wanted to come in because I was so cold.  I don't have the snow weather gear that they have....I settled for 3 pairs of pants and some rain boots.  I made it work for them and it was worth it to see their big smiles in the snow.  I remember the past few years only looking at the snow from the window...what a nice treat and change to be able to get out and make memories in it!  The lighting for taking pictures in the snow is just amazing!  Such bright pictures.

Can't forget the hot cocoa face after we came hour later and still rosey cheeks with some added chocolate lips and spillage on his clothes...just love that little face!

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