Monday, January 30, 2012

The Prayer Project!

It's almost anyone else wondering what to do with all those beautiful Christmas cards you received from all the people you love?  I proudly display mine every year around the cabinets in my kitchen.  I just love seeing all my family and friends every day - even if it is in the form of a photo.  I could keep them up all year but my husband would not agree and it does seem kind of cluttered.  I never know what to do with them and feel bad throwing them away. 

So...I have a plan that kills two birds with one stone.  I have really been wanting to find a way to pray for my family and friends.  The thought of praying for everyone I know everyday is very overwhelming.  So I made a stand up/pop up book of all those Christmas pictures (kind of like a desk calendar) that I can display on the island of my kitchen or on my dining room table.  Each day we will pray as a family for the family that is flipped to on that day.  Each day we turn it over to the next family.  I have also included anyone that had a special life event that we went to that we would haver received a picture/program for (funeral, wedding, baby announcement).  I won't always know their exact prayer needs, but if I do, I will write them on the back of the card or where there is a space to write.  Otherwise, we will just say a prayer for that family and know that God will take care of the rest.  My plan is to also incorporate the missionaries that are a part of our church.  If we got a card from you, know that you will at the very least be prayed for by our family a few times a year.  If you have prayer requests that you would like to share, please pass them along to me and I will put them on your card.

Here is where I display my cards every year.
 Here is the flip book horizontal - hole punched each picture/card, ran rings through it and attached it to a piece of card board that I hot glued together in the form of a triangle stand.  This is how it looks/stands on the table. 
 All the cards in the flip book.  A vertical view

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