Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Jingle Jar

We have this jar that sits on our office shelf.  It's an old gatorade glass jar that Brock has had forever.  It's been around before me.  You know it has because its glass, as opposed to plastic (for the sake of this post, I looked it up online...gatorade switched to plastic in 1998).  When we got married, Brock put my wedding garder around the top.  Every time we have loose change, it goes into the jar.  If it gets full, Brock cashes it in and does something special with the money.  After I started staying home with the kids, that jar has given me some freedom to spend on little things without having to ask Brock for every little thing we need.  In a hurry, it has gone on several car rides to places....garage sales, the mall, McDonalds, and MOMS group.  It sounds kind of pathetic but it has been really nice to have.  I feel bad asking Brock for $2 for this or instead, we use the jingle jar.  When I say "we don't have money to do that today" the kids say "yes we do...we have money in that jar in the office!".   So I get it down and I tell them what coins to get out and how many to count.  So now it has been a fun learning tool as well. 

Yesterday we had to swing by the mall to return something and I knew the kids would want to ride on the "ridey things".  I checked my wallet and found only a few pennies.  So I grabbed the jingle jar and off we went.  I had the kids count out the quarters they needed to go for a ride.  I could have easily said no, but with the jingle jar...I don't have to.  Sounds like a informercial doesn't it?  Everyone needs a jingle jar!  I thought it might be fun to post certain things we do when we use the jingle jar.  Most times when we use it, I seriously pay in coin (yes, you have to swallow your pride for this), but if it's going to be like a $30 deal, I will cash it in (I did this to pay for an unexpected bill).  It sounds silly, but to me it's less burden for Brock.  Here are some pictures of the jingle jar...

On the shelf in the office where she resides usually
 On the floor of the car from yesterday (mall)
 My treasure... :)

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