Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Reece absolutely loves music and especially dancing to music. We don't usually listen to WBNQ but it's one of the only stations we can get in our house (with all the trees). Brock and I were fixing one of our surround sound speakers the other night and had the music on to help us figure out when it was fixed. We discovered "the Reecey" loves to dance to that kind of music. This kept her occupied for at least a half hour - a half hour is a great discovery when you are nursing a baby! We just die laughing at all her dance moves...including the chicken wing pictured here. I'd like to think she gets these corny moves from her daddy. She only stops dancing briefly to change her baby's diaper...these multi task types of activities I know she gets from watching me. I have to totally look like I run around here like a crazy person between changing diapers, nursing, fixing meals, etc.

And all the while, our little "nummy man" sleeps during the music/dancing. The neighbors decided to call him nummy man since every time they come over he is eating!

Reece loves to try and dress herself...I only hope she gets better at it (this is her pj pant - leg).

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