Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday Playgroup - Ropp Cheese Farm

Yesterday we went to Ropp Cheese Farm for a tour. It's just a few miles from where we live! We got to see how cheese was made and of course have some samples. Reecey got to feed the baby cows with bottles, feed the big cows, llamas, and goats, and go on a hayrack ride. She also got to milk a cow and see the big turkey. There was also a brand new baby cow that was born just hours before we arrived! The tour was only $3.00 (I think for me and the kids were free?) and Reece got to take home a coloring book. They also have a cheese store in which there is every different flavor of cheese you can imagine. So we bought some cheese curds to take home. They even have home made ice cream! The kids had such a great time!

Feeding the big cows

Feeding the baby cows

Milking the cow...

QT John who was born right before we got there!

Feeding the llama

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