Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brody is 9 months (and other incriminating stuff)...

I won't mention names but lately I have been harrassed by my lack of non-updating skills on the blog. Most of the pictures I have taken lately haven't been blog worthy and we haven't been to any parks due to all the rain. We had planned to go to one today but again - rain. So we are going to try again Friday. Sorry if the pictures and info during this posting dissappoint...I tried explaining this to a few of my stalkers but they insisted I post anyways. Some people have nothing better to do during their "work" day than read our boring blog.
So Brody is 9 months now. We had his 9 month appt today. He is 28 inches which is 50% and 20 lbs, 4 ounces which is also 50%. He still has a big noggin to grow into which they are telling me should start to happen at this point. Everyone's grows at different speeds...his took off but should be at max growth by now. He just got his two top teeth to compliment the bottom ones and his other two top side ones are on their way as well. He is also getting around the house pretty well working the army crawl move. We haven't had too many accidents yet but he did find the dog bowl...darn! I have to constantly watch what Reece leaves around the house and remind her to pick up items that might harm her newly mobile brother. are the fun pictures I was telling you about:

Brody crawled all the way to me and I kept backing up...finally I got this face before he started to cry..."I came all this way and you aren't even going to pick me up??!!" (oh, yeah he talks now too...)

Reece loved the fireworks this year. She kept saying "More pop-pop...more boom"
Here she is throwing the "not so dangerous" pop-its.

Her brother was not quite as fond as them as her...

Here's the picture that might wind me in prison so I hope all you naggers are happy. I wasn't even sure if this picture was legal to post...a two year old holding something on fire next to a gas grill....hmmm...It was daddy's idea...I know, right? I am sure we won't be winning any parent of the year awards regardless. (Not pictured: Mommy and baby...I am not even sure who took this picture)

Brody is finally able to sit up well in the wagon for a fun ride up the street. He loves being able to look around. Looks like the tables have turned as "sis" is not as fond of sharing this experience even though I do let her pick her seat.

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