Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Today, we went to a Valentine's Day party at our church. We got to make cookies, do crafts, and play games. Cousing Bo-Bo and "Dee-dee" (Kennedy) were there too!

Bo and Reece making cookies...B in the carseat in the back watching with year, bud!

Making our daddy's valentines...Bo, "ci-ci", and "dee-dee"

Aunt Jo-Jo got a new camera and tested it out on our littlest model...and some of the old ones too...
Brody says "thumbs up" to 4 generations of Bauers
Great Pa pa Bauer, Pa pa Bauer, Brody, and Daddy



amber said...

I love the pictures of Brody! They are really cute.

Natalie said...

Lindsey - Your kids are so cute!