Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Buds

I am so amazed each and every day what a great big sister Reece has turned out to be. Her little brother always lights up and squeels when he sees her. Whenever we leave to go somewhere, I put her in the car first. She always says "Bubbie? Bubbie?" as if she is asking if we can take him along too. I assure her that he will be coming along as well. I guess she wants to make sure I won't be leaving him home alone! She always wants to "hep, hep" (help, help) me change B's diaper and feed him is bottle. She has even gotten so good at changing diapers that she tries to change her own...nice for me but doesn't get us any closer on the whole potty training thing. We have been trying some to get her broken of the paci as well. She has even thrown 2 of them away herself! Today I cut the end off of one of them. When she asked for it, I gave it to her and walked away like nothing was wrong. She put it in her mouth and took it out right away to give it a good look. Then she looked at me and pointed to it and said "uh-oh". I carried on like none the same but she gave a good fit and threw it on the floor and asked for another. I was able to distract her until nap time, but I wasn't willing to part with a good nap and peace and quiet.

In the mornings, Reece has been sitting in the chair. I was holding Brody this particular morning when she patted the space beside her and said "bubbie, bubbie?" I asked, "you want bubbie to sit by you?" and she said "uh-huh" with a big cheesey smile.

They both were giggling and then they held heart melted.

Yesteday I came out to the living room and much to my surprise, Reece had begun undressing "Bubbie"...maybe in anticipation of changing his diaper. She also shared with him one of her monkey stickers (see Bubbie's belly button) and was reading the bible to him.

Later she read him a book.

Hopefully this relationship will continue grow as they grow up. It's so sweet. We are so very blessed!!

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