Monday, June 22, 2009

Park #7 - Savannah Green

Savannah Green is the newest park in the Bloomington/Normal area. It is located on Shelbourne between Beech and Henry St. It is 2.5 acres and is very clean (check) and new! It is totally fenced in (safety - check) which was one thing I totally loved. It didn't have a lot of shade because it was so new but it did have a pavillion (check) with a few picnic tables. It has big and small playground equipment including a few swings and a digger, and a circular basketball court. Currently it only has a port-a-potty as a bathroom (check). It had plenty to do for the 2 through 5 or so age group but I am hoping they add some things to this new and wide open area. We give this park 4 stars.

Bigger play area...

Smaller play area

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