Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reecey's 3rd birthday party

Reecey had her 3rd birthday party on Sunday (the date on my camera was set says 6/11 and obviously that is not was 4/11).  We did a candy shop sytle theme this year.  M&Ms are her favorite candy and used over the past year when we began potty train.  We have also called her "Reecey Piecey" since before she was born so we thought the theme was fitting. 

Here is some of the candy that was at her party:  m&ms, gumballs, twizzlers, peanut m&ms
Reese's pieces (easter colors was all I could find) and skittles
Fun suckers for all the kids
Cupcakes designed to look like m&ms but with r's on them, favor boxes, and mini candy dishes for the kids

Mini candy dishes with a cute mini chrome scoop
More suckers in with jelly beans
The pinata that Reecey and I made
more candy, stickers, fruit snacks, and confetti
I dressed up as a big m&m and took pictures with all the kids.  Miss K knew what to do when the camera came out
Singing "Happy Birthday"

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