Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kid update

Okay, I know it has been awhile for an update on the kids.  I had stated previously that our camera seemed to be taking a dive and it appears that it may be for good.  Most of the pictures I have been taking have turned out "white" this one of Reece riding her bike:
Yep, it's blank but the date.  Here's another one I got...It would have been really cute if it wasn't so fussy...high heels and all...when I walked in she had her head in her hands like she was bored or working real hard.

There is not too much to report on them.  Reece says hilarious things every day that I could probably have a quote of the day.  Currently if I am away in the evening, she waits up until I get home.  She's suppose to be in bed but once she hears the garage door she runs down to meet me and says "Mommy!  You're home now!   I'm so happy to see're my best friend!"  My intial "annoyed" reaction is recovered by my melting heart!  I wonder if this will work when I am waiting up for her 20 years from now? :)  Currently we are working on obedience...out with numbers, colors and shapes...because this one's a doozey.  She has entered a stage which might be considered "trying 3's".  She has a voice and uses it.  We are trying a couple of different discipline techniques that seem to be working.  Consistency is definitley key.  I don't do any counting's just one...if I have to ask more than once, it's done and there is punishment.  She also is to be polite and respectful when asking for things...instead of "I need more apple juice" it must be "May I please have some more apple juice" before she gets any. 

Brody is talking more and more and I am so in love with his little personality.  He says so many words that I couldn't write them all but my faves are:  Mommy, Da-da, Sissy, Harley, BeBe, Byeee, See ya, Hedo (hello), wahwee (water), and Bubbie (for himself).  He is such a lover...loves to hug, give kisses, and blows kisses.  One thing we don't have to work on with him (yet) is obedience.  If it's one thing he hates worse than not having his milk, it's punishment.  All I have to do is look at him sideways, and he listens or sticks his lip out and tears start to fall.

They are both such a joy and blessing to have!
**I tried to upload the 20 second video clip of Reece riding her bike and that didn't work either.  If anyone has any tips on that or why my camera is taking white pictures, please leave comments.  The camera is a Kodak and is only 3 years old!!

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