Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good deeds and SNOW

A concept that I have been teaching the kids over the past year is lovin on our neighbors.  This is very easy to do since they are all so lovable!  In the summer, we always bring up the neighbor's garabage cans up close to the house.  It can get windy out where we are and with living close to route 9, neighbors are known for losing their garbage cans.  Since we are all out playing and they are at work, we stop to help them out.  So today since it was in the mid 30's and not windy, I let the kids get all bundled up to check out the snow.  The first thing Reecey asked is if we could put away all the garbage cans for the neighbors (I use to do this on my own but once the kids figured out they roll, they wanted to help...see, I am a good example every once in awhile).  So we went up the street rolling all the cans up to their houses.  Fun and easy lesson to do with the kids!
(Sara if you are reading, you can be a witness that this is your house and not mine! - you can actually see our house down the way in the back)
 Doing by example like big sis...

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