Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lessons Learned 2010

For the past couple of years I have been contemplating writing a “Christmas letter” to include with our Christmas card. When it comes down to it, I never end up having time to do that. This past year I have been doing a lot of journaling which made it way easier to throw something together for a letter of sorts. I thought I would keep it short and sweet. With these young children, we are teaching them a lot and WE are learning a lot in the process. These are just some of the things we have been teaching and learning this year:

10) (Importance of routine) Going to school and Awana (Reece, age 3.5)

9) Potty training (Brody, age 2)…nough said.

8) (Importance of Exercise ) I (Lindsay) ran my first 5K at Danver’s Days in August (Time: 24.30). The kids are taking a liking to exercise too. I caught Reece doing some funky moves and when I asked her what she was doing she said “I’m working on my upper thighs” (She must have heard this on TV…I, personally, don’t work on my upper thighs)

7) (Picking your battles) When your 30lb child refuses to walk and you are starting to look like a man from carrying him around all the time, what do you do? A) offer your hand and when he refuses to take it and throws a fit in the middle of a cross walk, drag him into the store by the hand anyhow or B) carry him and hope that next year you are still not carrying him?

6) (Teaching differences) Reece: "Where's daddy?" Me: "Hunting" Reece: "Why's he still Easter eggin it? Easter was a long time ago..."

5) (Teaching effeciencies & contentment) When you run out of toilet paper, you are happy you got that good deal on all those Kleenex.

4) (Behavior in public) Upon walking into the store with the kids, I hear Reece say to Brody "Now Bubby...we have to be really good because we are out in pub-lic"

3) (Choosing wisely) We almost always give Reece 2 options. That way she thinks she's picking but it's between 2 things we are okay with. For example “Your option for snack is goldfish OR raisins.” A few times Reece has said “I want some other options”. One night I said "it's bedtime" and she said "what's my other option?”

2) (Teaching obedience) We talk to Reece a lot about what it means to obey and what the bible says about children obeying their mommy and daddy. Reece says "But mommy you have 2 bibles...what does the other one say?"

1) (Importance of prayer) T his summer I began attending a women’s prayer meeting. On the way home, Reece asked me “Mommy, what were you praying about?” Me: “Well, we pray about how to be better mommies…and to have children that obey us”. Reece: (now crying and with fear in her eyes) “Oh-no! Don’t pray for that!”

We will be praying a lot harder this year!! Here’s to praying for better wisdom in parenting and obedient children in 2011!

In Him,

The Bauers

~Brock Lindsay, Reece, & Brody

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