Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reecey's turning 5!

Reecey will be turning 5 in less than one month!  I can't believe that time has come.  I just called her future school to get signed up for registration of kindergarten which is on March 20th!  I am really making the most of our time together!  Lately we have been on a game kick.  I taught her how to play Go Fish and Uno and we play every single day!  I love to play games and we have so much fun doing that. 

She is having a Beauty and the Beast party and is inviting friends this year.  When asked why Belle is her favorite princess she says "because she has brown hair".  We always want what we don't have, right?  Someday she will be a brunette and long to be a blonde, I am sure. 

I had a lady make her a dress that resembles the one that Belle wore.  I wanted it to be multifunctional (you know me) - used for dress up, not itchy like the dress up ones, but also could be worn to school/church.  So it will be her birthday/Easter dress but also worn to school/church but she can wear it for dress up too if she wants (after the b-day party). It's one of the sweetest dresses I have ever seen.  My idea was to take some pictures of her outside with this antique chair my friend let me borrow...but it has been way too windy for that.  So, hopefully soon, I will have a full length shot of her outside.  Until then, enjoy these shots I took of her other day.  I also took some of her and Brody for Easter. 

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