Monday, April 23, 2012

Reece's 5th Birthday Celebration

Reece had her 5th birthday party about a week ago.  Since she turned 5 and it was her golden birthday, we let her invite friends over this time.  She pretty much got to invite anyone who has invited her to their party in the last 5 years.  So there were 15 kids (17 counting mine).  Everyone had a good time I think and it went smoothly.  All the kids were so kind and listened well.  Reece loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast so we decided to have a Beauty and the Beast party.  This turned out to be a great theme since both girls and boys came.  We had several sibling groups.  We transformed the basement/playroom into a dress up/ballroom/party room.  It worked out great although tight quarters.  It was nice not having to worry about pleasing adults at this party, but it will be at least 5 more years before we have another one like that.  Or at least, we'll have her just narrow down the invite list next time. 

Beauty and the Beast cupcakes
 The rose and party favors
 Close up
 The first thing we did at the party was make a craft.  The boys made these masks and the girls made tiaras.
 Then we took some pictures with our princess visitor that came. 
Back row left to right: Rylee, Maya, Princess Lauren, Elliott, Emmett, Lauren, Parker.
Middle Row left to right: Elizabeth, Kennedy, Jack, Hunter
Front row left to rigth: Bo, Baylee, Molly, Reece, Eliana, and Hayley.

 Beauty and the Beast cake pops for part of the favor...
 We watched a princess sing along, had cake, and then Reece opened some presents.  Since it was cold and rainy out, we did pin the crown on bell.  After that, it was free play until the parents came. 
 Reece wearing her new night gown and clip on earrings.  She really wants her ear pierced!!  She says "I'm 5 now!" 
 Brody is also enjoying Reecey's new things!  Jewelry from the Pretty, Pretty Princess game.  I will definitley be hanging on to this picture forever!

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