Friday, August 31, 2012

Wisconsin Dells Trip

We took a little vacation over the weekend and came home Tuesday.  Just wanted to post a few pictures of it.  We had a good time but I was a little on the edgy side, just because we have so much going on at home...still in the clean up process from the storm, school, and other activities starting.  Lots to think about.  Everyone is overly tired...the day after we got back we had roofers who started before 6am.  There hasn't been a whole lot of catching up and school work has been more difficult.  We will prevail!!

On the duck ride in the dells
 Brody is really into picking he takes time to stop and smell some.
 Brody really enjoyed his duck ride!
 Going down the river on the duck ride.  So pretty.

 Daddy and Brody on the ducks
 Reece at Moose Jaw Pizza Pub
 Brody playing hide and seek while we wait for a table.  He's his dramatic faces!

 This is where we stayed - Hotel Rome at Mt Olympus
 Brody getting tired of waiting for his go-kart race.
 Reece and mommy on their go kart ride!
 Part of the awesome water park

 First bigger roller coaster ride...the loved it.

 Fake teeth they won at the arcade.  Aint they the cutest thangs? :)
 Reece's big roller coaster experience...she went the first time with me and another time with dad.

 What I rolled over to one morning...he's such a character.

 Paul Bunyans cook shanty.
 Cheese heads!!!
 The candy store

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