Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas photos...

So the date is messed up on my camera...need to fix that...here's Reece sporting a new outfit and using her new easel. I am excited that her hair is finally getting long...even long enough that we started using real kid shampoo (as opposed to baby wash). It's a little wild and crazy but it's getting there...by this summer it will hopefully be close to one length.

Reece wanted to hang out under the "jungle gym" like old times...only this time she's got a play mate.

Reecey and Rylee...they love playing together....we are a little jealous of Rylee's beautiful hair. Someday...

Reece got this little farm set...we were cracking up when we saw what she did with the two pigs there...hopefully that was just coincidence.

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