Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fair is for Ferris Wheel

We had a fairy fun time at the fair this year. Reece is at the age where everything was just so cool for her to see. I was suprised that at her age, she would point to rides and say "ride that". I thought that started at a later age. Maybe for most kids it does and our kid is just as fearless as we thought. You won't see Brody in any of these pics...he was in the stroller mostly crying as he wanted to get out and crawl.

These were the baby pigs at the booth that daddy was working (dark haired lady is the neighbor that we always talk about).

Here she is again taking Reece on her first pony ride.

Reece went on like all the rides...carousel, drove the trucks, big fun slide, motorcycles, etc...Here she is on the mini ferris wheel. By the end of the ride she had her chin on her hand bored to death. She gets off and points to the big 50 foot one and says "ride that". I really didn't think she'd do it but...

She did...with the company of her father. Keep your eye on car number can see her little piggies (you'll probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it)

The whole time she was hanging off the side waving (as I stood there and sweat...still am as I am typing this). She exits the ride and says "more, more". She's nuttier than I thought. Then we go over to the fun house and she freaks as soon as her foot hit the ball pit. I guess she thought she was going to sink. Brock had to go in and rescue her as she was screaming at the tops of her lungs "all done, all done!". I am still trying to understand how she can get so freaked out over a ball pit when she just got off a 50 foot ferris wheel.

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