Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Park # 10 - Forrest Park

This week we visited Forrest Park which is located at 1813 Springfield Road. It's just south of Miller Park. On our way to find a decent park, we tried to visit 3 other parks, but those ended up being just drive bys (no pun intended). It is worthy of noting at least so that you don't attempt to go to these. I had never heard of them and they were somewhat close to my house so I figured I would give them a try. We'd never heard of them for a reason...I had a feeling based on the addresses that these might not be the best parks for our family to go to. So here's a few parks that I feel are a "waste of time (based on safety, location, and not sure you call it a park) parks":
Alton Depot Park - 101 S Western Ave (located behind Project Oz)...not even sure there was a place to park.
Sunnyside Park - 407 East Erickson (off of Euclid on Illinois Street - Behind Cargill - located within a certain type of housing known for causing trouble)
Buck Mann Park - 116 Weldon (one street east of Euclid) ...one little slide and maybe a swing.

Forrest Park is 20 acres and has a ton of mature trees for shade. It has 4 pavillions, grills, and a restroom. The playground equipment is only 4 years old. This park was not very clean. There was a lot of litter on the ground. It had such a huge deck area (with not a lot of open spaces) that my little crawler was able to crawl around after his sister. Lots of fun slides, rock walls and things to do. It's a nice park but I was still leary of it's safety. There was a lot of suspisious cars driving through. So...we give it 3 stars.

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Anonymous said...

wow thanks, never heard of this one. Funny about the cars...