Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Target and CVS deals...

Alot of you read http://www.hip2save.com/ website for couponing deals at various stores.  You'd be crazy not to if you are into this whole coupon thing.  She lays everything out so easy and everything is there to print.  I continue to have people ask me about good deals so I would recommend that you take the couponing classess that are offered by http://www.retirewithcoupons.com/ and then start reading these blogs and websites that give you all the deal scenarios.  Not everyone would need a class I suppose, but I thought it was worth it for me (a slow learner when it comes to anything dealing with numbers or $$). 

Usually I shop a little later in the week but this week I got the priviledge of shopping early.  As usual, I look at hip2save and other websites to see what good deals are out there and see what I can find on my own.  The downfall to a site like hip2save is that she lives in North Carolina (or maybe Florida) so she doesn't always know what is going to be in our local stores.  This week since I shopped early, I can confirm and deny a few deals that are on some of the other sites. 

First...some Target stores have seen the 1st Baby Alive baby on clearance for 4.98 and then use the $5/1 coupon found here.  Our Target does not have the baby on clearance.  It is marked at 19.99 (and I scanned it on price check to be sure).  So if you don't need one, maybe wait and see what happens with it.  The coupon doesn't expire til 4/15/10. 

Second...there was a $4/2 Gillette body wash or deo that was in Sunday's paper.  Target had some of these marked down to 1.99 (on the end cap) meaning you'd get 2 free (or 4 if you get 4 papers).  I went today and those were all gone (I think there were a couple of deos left).  It's not to say they won't restock but I asked a manager (yes, a manager) to check in back for me and he said they did not have anymore. 

3rd...Keebler/Kellogs $5 gift card deal.  The deal is you buy 5 of these products and get a $5 gift card.  The question has come up as to whether you can mix and match the deals.  When I did the deal (4 boxes of Kellogs Special K bars and one Keebler/sunshine 100 cal bites), I was told by my cashier that I could not mix and match and still get the $5 (it should automatically print the giftcard and it did not in my case).  So I paid (not very much since I had a coupon for each box) and then went back to the aisle where I found them.  All the tags below the boxes said both the words "Kelloggs" and "Keebler" - when you bought 5 of either item you should get a $5 gift card.  I had the manager check for me and wahlah...$5 I got!  See hip 2 save post for printable coupons on these items here

One deal I found that was not on hip2save but is currently at our Target is for the Dove Ultimate Deo.  It is regular 3.64 and I found some on the end cap that came as a pack of - 1 deo and 1 body spray for the same amount (I thought it was 2 deos so I thought it was a REALLY good deal - shame on me for not reading carefully)....but I had 2 $2/1 coupons for this deo (print here).  Much to my suprise when I went to the register it rang up 3.29 plus I had $2 off...so 1.29 for a deo and body spray (and I got 2)!!

I also need to address food selection at our Target.  Since our Target is not a super store, we have very limited items, especially in the refrigerated/freezer section.  They usually only have one kind of something - like pizza or Healthy Choice meals - so to buy a lot of one, might leave you burnt out on a certain thing.  For example, I had $2 off a Digiorno pizza...they only had one kind, so that is what I was stuck with.

Here's what I got this week for $10.87 in 2 separate transactions (had 2 $5 gift cards - one from previous keebler purchase last week and the one from this week).
~3 boxes of Kellogs Fruit Crisps, 1 box of Kellogs Special K bars, 1 box of 100 calorie bit cheese it (mine are amost gone before I could take the picture)...had 3 dollar off coupons and 2 - .75 off coupons -$1.64/box +5 gift card.  See deal here
~Oscar Meyer deli meat - $1/1 Target coupon combined with $1/1 coupon found here
~Digiorno pizza - $1/1 Target coupon combined with $1/1 coupon found 1/24 SS = $3.79 (good deal for Digiorno)
~2 bags Kraft Shredded cheese - $1/1Target coupons combined with $1/2 coupons in 1/24 SS.  $1.34/bag!!
~2 Classico Sauces - used BOGO coupon in 1/10 or 2/21 SS - on sale at Target for 1.84.  You can also find a $1/2 here
~2 Dove deos with body spray (see deal above) - 1.29 each!!

To find Target coupons, go to Target.com and scroll down to the bottom where it says "get coupons".


CVS has huggies wipes for 2 for $5...in itself is not such a great deal until I found out that it would actually take it off the big packs of refills too (see deal here).  I am confirming that this is true with the CVS's here in town (or at least the one I went to on Fort Jesse).  I spent 21.65 on the following:

~Pampers were 22.99 (not a good deal) but you got $3 back in extra care bucks plus I had a $5 off a $15 purchase from my last purchase + $3 off coupon I got in the mail just yesteday.  So this box cost me $12 for 82 diapers which is around .14 cents/diaper.  We usually buy from Sams which is around .20 per diaper.  Also for buying pampers I got 2 gifts to grow codes inside!
~2 bags of Huggies wipes - it's like buying 4 $2/5 (couldn't find a huggies wipe coupon for an even better deal) - plus 2 enjoy the ride codes!
~Box of Cheerios - on sale for 1.99 and had a $1/1 coupon = .99!!!
~Box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch - on sale for 1.99 and had a .55/1 coupon = $1.44
~Colgate Toothpaste - 2.99 but got back $2.00 in extra care bucks (which I used to pay for the cereal) = .24 for toothpaste!!
So if you didn't need diapers and wipes or don't buy that kind of thing and just bought the cereal and toothpaste the total would be $2.93!!

So there are some good deals out there this week.  I think I am all "dealed" out this week...well, at least for today.  Just thought I would confirm some deals out there that you might have heard about!


The Kimball's said...

uh oh, better not let Brock find the toothpaste!

Lindsay Bauer said...

It's okay...we are putting together a care package for my grandma and I will be putting toothpaste and air freshner along with some other things!! And it was .24...forgot to say I had a .75 off coupon too.