Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

Although Daddy could only hope this would be Reece's halloween costume selection one year, this is just Reece having fun in Dad's hunting gear for the season...

 Here's the real costume - Dorothy and her little dog To-to
 We tried to get the whole gang together as the Toy Story theme but there aren't many girl costumes for this one.  Reece could have been Ham (the pig), or Bullesye (the horse), or even Mrs Potato head but she was okay with not being part of the group and going as Dorothy - Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie.  Since she also has to dress up for part of her school parade I would have felt bad sending her as one of those other characters.  As part of a group, it would have been cute, but separately it wouldn't have made a whole lot of sense. 
 The Toy Story crew + Dorothy - Bo Peep (Gracie), Dorothy (Reece), Rex (Brody), Buzz (Bo), Jessie (Kennedy), Woody (Tate)
 He just waddled in this little was too cute!
All the little treaters snacking on popcorn and watching a movie...they have so much fun together!

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