Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Alive!

For the past several weeks, we have been sick around here.  I am pretty sure that for 2 weeks straight, I didn't get more than 4 hours of sleep per night.  It was quite rough.  We've all been to the doctor and each one of us was treated for something different.  Brody had a sinus infection and an ear infection.  They originally put him on amoxicillian but after a week or so I could tell he started getting worse again.  At this time was when I was in my breaking point in my illness and Reece came down in the morning and said her ear hurt.  At that point I knew we were going back to the doctor and I desparately needed to go as well.  I was gone the night before, but Reece said that daddy had given her ear drops the night before.  I thought about this for a moment and said "but we don't have ear drops".  Reece says "Yeah we do...daddy gave me some".  I frantically started searching for a sign of these so called drops.  I found sitting on the counter a bottle of eye drops used to cure pink eye in the past.  I started to panic.  I called "daddy" who explained he had found those eye drops when looking for the ear drops we had used in the summer (to cure swimmer's ear by the way) and he didn't put them away after he was done searching.  So ear drops were used but not ones that would help with an ear infection.  So back to the doctor we went...

We discovered that Reece had a double ear infection and was give an antibiotic. Brody was switched to a different antibiotic to help him clear up again.  After that, we headed to the prompt care for me.  I had a really bad cough for 2 weeks.  So bad that my ribs and stomach hurt...I felt like I had done hundreds of crunches each day.  Although my tummy could use a little exercise, this cough wasn't doing the trick.  I was just thinking it was a bad cough and that it would pass.  But one day I would feel well and the next day I would feel horrible...after 2 weeks of this and a fun weekend planned ahead, I thought it was time to see if there was something more to the story.  Come to find out, the verdict was bronchitis.  Luckily, we were secluded from most activities during that 2 weeks and hopefully didn't pass anything along.  We are all feeling much better now although Brock seems to be coming down with something again.  He had gone to the doctor once before and was treated with an antibiotic as well (possible sinus infection) but he hasn't been able to kick it just yet.  I am really praying that we are not passing this thing around again.  It's too early and too nice out yet to continue being sick.  The last few weeks in confinement has about put me over the edge!  Here are a few photos.  The first one is of Reece and Brody being good and sweet at my doctors appointment.  They were playing so nicely and Reece says "Mommy, take a picture of us"...and I had my camera handy!

I went downstairs to check on my quiet buddy who sits and watches Toy Story I and II literally all day.  He was sitting so nice and sweet drinking his milk and watching the movie.

I come down a few minutes later to find this...looks normal so far right?
If that blanket wasn't there...well, let's just say we've read about Adam in the Garden of Eden.  He got completely naked all by himself.  This is his new thing and I can't say I'm real thrilled about it except for it might aide us in potty training that will be taking place soon.  The other morning I got him out of bed and the first thing he did was hand me his pajamas.  More posts later this week...Halloween and Wisconsin Dells!

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