Friday, October 8, 2010

Brody turned 2!

Brody turned 2 yesterday.  We had his party on Saturday and we went to the pumpkin patch all day Thurday on his actual birthday.

Here is the cake and favor table.  I made the cupcakes from scratch this year (and the frosting) was Hershey's recipe and pretty good if I do say so myself.  I am not much of a chocolate fan but these were super moist and the frosting was crisp yet creamy.  I sprinkled crushed oreos on top for "dirt" and added grubs, worms, etc on top.  I put them all on this car rug instead of a table cloth.  I used and old toolbox and dumptrucks that we already had at home to help with the decor.  The little yellow garbage cans contain the favors for the kids - truck stickers, tool set, and candy (including pop rocks).  Oh and hard hats!

 Decorations - paint type can with scrap book paper, rocks, sticks with pictures of construction type things.
 Favor and decoration
 Some signs we borrowed

 Kid table (Tate, Bo, Brody, Rylee, Baylee, Kennedy, Reece)
 Singing happy birthday with Brody's birthday cup cake in a dump truck
 Brody's favorite gift - buzz and woody pj's and a card that sings.  He had a hard time deciding which pair to wear.  I would start to put on woody and then he would cry for buzz "ityer".  Then I would start to put on Buzz and he would cry for Woody.  This is what we landed on...
 Harley even got in on the fun and the kids gave him his own hard hat.
 Eating his birthday breakfast donut at the pumpking patch
 With his cousins (Reece was at school for the first half of the fun)
 Tate and Brody
 We even went back after nap since daddy was out of town, we live close, and we have passes!

Brody had his 2 year doctor appointment today where he got his shots including a flu shot.  He is 33 inches tall (25% - shorty!) and 31.2lbs (80%).  He is a healthy, growing boy!  He is talking so much and I love to hear his little voice.  He is still a mommy's boy which I do love and he still LOVES his milk.  He's a special little guy to us!

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