Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another "doula-hood" update, nursing school, & Costa Rica


I enrolled in Childbirth International roughly 8 weeks ago and here I sit waiting for a certificate!  I was told that it would take me 9 months to 2 years to obtain...not bragging on me, but bragging on my God!!  It was through Him alone that I could do this!  My 8 exams are complete, my 12 page paper is complete (have to make some adjustments and return final paper), almost 1200 pages read (have about 60 left), 2 out of 3 book evals done (will complete the 3rd after 60 pages are done - next week), and completed roughly 15 hours with pregnant/birthing mammas! 

Last week I had the priveledge and honor of experiencing birth with my client & friend and as usual it was an amazing experiencing.  It was a very special time to me.  We went into the hospital around midnight and she had the baby around 11am that day.   I have completed the amount of hours needed for the certificate just by this one client, but technically I have another birth I must attend to actually obtain the certificate.  All is complete besides that!  So if you know of anyone that would let me help or observe for even just a few hours, that would be amazing! 

I am working with photographer to design my fliers and business cards.  I will be promoting her to my cleints for their new born pictures as well.  I am also working with one doctor's office who is fully supporting me!  I have a few people working on some word studies for me to help me come up with a catchy name.  These are pastors who will look at Greek and Hebrew meanings for the name "doula", "birth coach", "labor", and other terms.  God provided all of this!  There are a few other opportunities that just fell into my lap this past week (see Hearts at Home post).  I am truly in awe of God's hand all over this.  He has truly made this a clear and easy process.  Who knew that when you are obeident to God's plan for your life, his "yoke is easy; His burden is light" Matthew 11:29. ?

Nursing School
I have met with an advisor and weighed some options for nursing school. It was a relief to know what would transfer from my prior degrees.  However, I still have not made a decision on it and am still praying over it.  As much as I would LOVE to go back to school and work towards this, I feel the burden will be heavy on me and my family.  I do not want to regret missing out on family things and spending time with my young kiddos.  So selfishly in my mind, I want to, but my heart is saying otherwise.  If I do anything at this point, I may take a biology course in the fall and just start out slow taking a course at a time.  I know that I can not take the CNA stuff this summer through Heartland because of the Costa Rica trip but I am looking into another option in town.  Not sure if I will do it this summer or not.  Just being in the hospital and seeing the nurses worked also makes me more so want to especially when you see some of the ways they negatively impact their patients.  That's a whole other blog post though!  :)

Costa Rica
Preparations are underway for the Costa Rica trip for June.  I am in the process of writing my support letter.  We will be raising support in form of money and pray for personal trip expenses, eye glasses/sunglasses and other things for the eye clinic, and also for a wall that we are needing to build for our missionaries that live there.  Very excited for this trip and can't believe it's 2 months away!!

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