Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brody's in a big boy bed!

Brody got his big boy bed last week and is doing great in it.  He's hasn't escaped yet but I don't think I blame him - it's too cozy to want to leave!  I thought we might have a rough ride transitioning him because we left the crib up in his room so we can sell it.  I thought if he thought he had an option, he'd choose the crib.  He hasn't even asked about it except "where's the baby?" that's suppose to sleep in it.  I can assure you (and him) there isn't one (at least not in my belly)!  Reece has asked the same thing especially since her cousin just added to his family, a little baby brother.  Reece said "But Bo has 3 children in his family...where's our third?"  Bless her heart.  I guess she thought Brody would be sharing his room with a baby brother too.  Brody ended up saying that only "baby Gabby" (Reece's baby doll) could sleep in the crib!
Brody pretending to sleep in his big boy crib...

Brody really sleeping in his big boy sweet!!

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