Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sharing Service ~ Sunday July 31st

On Sunday July 31st, our Costa Rica team is coming together to create a "sharing" Sunday.  We will be sharing what God allowed us to do in Costa Rica!  So many times we see groups go out into the mission field but then we never heard what happened while they were there.  Our team is determined to allow everyone to see how God worked not only in the lives of those who live in Costa Rica, but how He worked in our own lives there and now!  I am posting this in hopes to rally support from my friends and family once more!  It would mean a lot to me if you would come to one of the services on Sunday July 31st - either 9am or 10:30 service - to hear the work God allowed us to do while we were there.  We will be showing a brief slide show of pictures and many of us will be sharing our personal experiences.  We will also be sharing some statistics on the eye clinics, wall, and other things like that.  We have put together a sharing service you won't want to miss! 

Jennifer and I are planning on singing our duet.  Yes, I am still scared.

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