Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Fairs

This summer we visited McLean County Fair and also went to the Marigold Fesival in Pekin to celebrate my neice's 8th birthday.  All the kids have grown up so much and really enjoy all the rides.  Reece is not afraid of anything and meets the height requirement for most of the big rides now(she's 75th percentile for height still).  Brody on the other hand likes very few rides and doesn't meet many height requirements (he's 25th percentile for height).  They are still very opposite of each other.  Reece surprises me on how brave she is (and scares me a little bit too). 

There is a story behind this next ride if you haven't heard it already.  She sees this ride and says she wants to go on it.  I say, "you need to watch this next group go on it first and then decide." So she watches the whole thing and says she still wants to go.  So Brock takes her on the ride - which she just passes for height on. 

She starts off and as you can tell is very excited....

 It keeps going up and she's still looking around, waving, and smiling....

 Then...BAM...the ride drops her, I see her cling for dear life and scream.  This is the end result at the bottom before being let off. 

I know it's not really suppose to be funny but for me it sort of is.  I gave her lot of opportunies not to go on the ride and she saw what happens when you ride on it.  I like to joke that this is punishment for all her bad behavior.  She laughs about it too and tells everyone she cried on it. 

This was at the Marigold Fesival in Pekin last week:  With her cousin Mady on the big slide
 Big Bad Ferris Wheel...I can't believe she goes on this at age 4...

 We won our goldfish "Marigold" aka "goldie" last year and still have her.  So we decided to win another one this year for Brody.  He is still un-named.  Group picture with all our fish winners.

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