Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brody is 4!

Our little Brody boy turned four a week and half ago!  He is such a blessing in our lives.  He has such a tender spirit and is so loving.  He always has a smile on his face and the little bounce in his step makes me smile.  He is quite the character always saying things that blow me his little mind works.  Things like "mom, come look at my looks like a little snake curled up on his blanket".  Or "you look adorable"...Or "ladies don't toot".  He always has me in stitches.

He is "mostly" all boy...he loves his tractors, trucks, and anything that moves but since he has an older sister who he adores, he loves to play dolls with her and often chooses pink as a color for things.  He is not ashamed to eat from a princess plate!  My favorite thing has been watching him head off to school.  Every day he walks half way down the side walk, turns around suddenly and says "Wait, mom, I forgot to give you a hug and kiss!".  He sprints back to me and gives me my owed kiss and hug and runs back to the door with his school friends...which might I add is 3 girls and 13 boys!  Since when am I called "Mom" anyway?  My vote is still mommy!!!  If I could freeze him at this age, I would!  He's independent yet still loves to cuddle up with his "mom".  Here are some pictures of the big 4 year old.  This year we had a vintage truck party!

Daddy's truck is almost finished...

Invite...had the wrong date on it, but you get the drift.

His cake

Kid table complete with boxed dinners and an old vintage truck seat which will go in the old truck...

Present time - every time he opened a present he would shout "this is what I wanted my whole life!"
Birthday boy and his cake.

Enjoying some new jammies and a new toy.
Cheering the Reds on in playoff game that daddy got to go to.
1st day of pre-k...
 He started to get all teary eyed...He said it's cuze I bonked him on the head with my camera but I really think he realized he would miss his momma.
Hes a sweety...even with his shoes on the wrong feet!

One last thing...he is still wearing pull ups at night...he just can't stay dry on a consistent basis over night (he has been trained for 2 years).  Brock told him he'd give him suprise if he could stay dry at night for 7 days.  We were thinking that maybe he was just lazy and wouldn't get up at night to go.  He came down the next morning, looked down at his pull up and said "Welp...I guess I don't get a surprise".  What a memory!  He still prays for great grandpa every night and says he hopes he is being good in Heaven.  His mind is constantly moving!

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