Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bathroom reBuild days 33-45

Well, we have been using our bathroom for a couple of weeks even though it hasn't been entirely done.  But it's usable and that is all that matters!

Since the last post, we added the cabinets, trim, a blind, and finally today - a rug and some new towels!  We still have to install a new cabinet behind the door, fix all the spots on the new walls that got dinged during all the work, and put the heater cover back on (needs to be resized).  The new cabinet has been stained to match all the new trim and the prep work has been done, just need to cut the dry wall back out and get it in there - probably be done this weekend.

The new cabinet will go behind the bathroom door below (we did get a new door knob but haven't decided what to do about the door - I say it goes)

 Another view of cabinets - closer up.
Oh and if you can't tell we did a mixture of brushed nickle and a bronze.  The towel rack, faucet, and toilet paper roll are brushed nickle...the light fixtures and electrical outlet covers are a brown/bronze (almost black looking).

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