Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bathroom ReBUILD day 25-32

Our bathroom is almost done!!  The first shower was taken in there last night and I took one in there this morning!

Day 25
I painted the walls last Monday and then the boys put down the floor boards and tile - of course without banging up the newly fresh painted walls!!!

Tile was laid and plumbing was fixed

Day 26-33
Since then there have been little things added each day...So thankful to have a toilet and sink down here again!

Next was the mirror and overhead light and toilet roll dispenser...and can't forget about the first customer

Next thing we have to do is hang the cabinets and hand towel rack and put the door back up.  We will use the old door for awhile but will get a new one eventually.  Then we will need to add blinds and wood trim!  We are getting there and at least now we can use it!!

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