Monday, January 28, 2013

Bathroom reBuild days 14-24

We are finally nearing the end of our bathroom rebuild.  It's been a messy process now that we have moved on to dry wall, mudding, and sanding.  We also had our drywaller fix all the cracks throughout the house - mostly tornado damage in Reece and Brody's room and the dinning and living room.  There was also a crack in our bedroom just from age.  So no room was untouched by this.  The dust and mess in the house has take over and is driving me nuts!!!  I know it will be great when it is all done but I just can't seem to get away from the messes...and it's not nice outside so it's not like we can go out and get away from it for awhile.  My office and garage have been turned into a work space also so there is no room that is not a mess!!!

Last night I finished priming and painting the slanted walls in the kids rooms and was able to dust and vacuum !  This morning I finished the painting in the living room and was able to hang up my curtains again.  The foyer and dining room are not done yet so I am not even bothering to dust the downstairs yet.

The bathroom is finally all dry walled, sanded and as of an hour ago - PAINTED!!!  Tile starts tonight!

Day 14:  Starting to look like a room with purple dry wall

 Day 15-22 - mudding and sanding!!
 Day 23 - Primed walls and painted ceiling and light installed !!!

 Day 24:  Painted!


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