Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bathroom remodel

We have been wanting to remodel our bathroom from the moment we moved into this house.  Every time we were about to take the plunge, something more important came up.  Finally, we have dug in!  I am pretty sure this bathroom is as old as the house which is about 45 years old.  The only thing I have done with it since we moved in was to remove the wall paper and paint it.  It had really old shower doors on it so I covered those with a shower curtain.  We did replace the toilet too and took down the curtains and added cheep blinds.  This bathroom is on the main floor next to the kitchen and is the bathroom everyone uses when they come over.  I have been using this bathroom since we moved in and have used it for the kids since they have been born.  There is another full bathroom on the 2nd floor.

Here are the before pictures:

The vanity was rotten on one side where maybe it sat in water for some reason...

 Horrible storage shelving behind the door...No way to hide stuff and hard to get into...tile half way up the walls.
 You can see the rotten part of the vanity on this part.  Horrible mirror with no medicine cabinet and horrible lighting.  And look at that wooden toilet paper holder!

 Day 1:  Walls, vanity, and flooring ripped out.

Day 2:  Tub ripped out and old top flooring which was rotten.

 Day 3:  New top flooring going in.  So glad the messy part is done.  On to the fun stuff!!!

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